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August 02 10:21 AM

Police warn citizens of suspicious phone calls

The Shreveport Police Department is warning residents in reference to multiple complaints of suspicious phone calls.

Police have received complaints from persons reporting they had received phone calls from persons claiming to be affiliated with the popular sweepstakes company Publisher’s Clearing House. The scammers tell citizens that they have been awarded prizes of varying amounts and should send payment in the amount of $500 or more to secure their prize.

These calls, police warn, are fraudulent and should be disregarded as such.

While Publisher’s Clearing House is a legitimate company, they do not participate in the practice of requesting large sums of money to secure promises of large payouts to the alleged winner.

Police remind everyone never to give out any personal information to someone you do not know over the phone nor attempt to send any amount of money to settle any criminal matters over the telephone or online.

Anyone who might have received a similar call is asked to call the Shreveport Police Department immediately at 673- 7300.

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