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October 04 09:21 AM

Lightning likely culprit in Village Lane house fire

PRESS RELEASE Bossier City Fire Department

Investigators are looking into the possibility that a lighting strike might have caused a fire that heavily damaged a house in the 2600 block of Village Lane Saturday night.

Bossier City firefighters were called to the scene at about 9:30 p.m. The first engine company to arrive found heavy smoke coming from the home’s soffit and attic vents.

Firefighters entered the home and found fire in the attic, which began spreading quickly. At one point, the fire became too intense, forcing fire crews to exit the residence.

While battling the blaze, three firefighters were positioning themselves on a lower level of the roof when part of it gave way, causing one firefighter to partially fall through.

The man was able to hang on, but flames quickly enveloped him. The two other firefighters immediately came to his assistance and helped pull him to safety.

The firefighter was not injured because his bunker gear protected him from the flames.

It took Bossier City firefighters about an hour to bring the fire under control. The upper portion of the home sustained heavy fire damage, while much of the re maining portion of the house received heavy water damage.

It is possible that lightning played a role in the cause of the fire. The man and woman who were inside the house at the time reported hearing a loud thunderclap, and then their power went

off. A short time later, they noticed smoke coming from the structure. Neither of the two occupants was injured.

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