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November 20 04:48 PM

Tri-Parish Task Force nets arrests


 The Tri-Parish Narcotics Task Force, comprised of DeSoto, Sabine and Red River Parishes, conducted a round-up of suspected narcotics dealers within the Tri-Parish area starting on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. 

As part of an ongoing investigation into the illegal sales and distribution of illegal narcotics, arrest warrants have been obtained for forty individuals for the distribution of controlled dangerous substances, including marijuana, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, and controlled prescription medications.  

Several residential search warrants will also been conducted.  Additional arrests are pending.  

Also assisting in the investigation are the Many Police Department, Mansfield Police Department, the Louisiana State Police, Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s office and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration Shreveport Resident Office.  

Below is a current list of Suspects that have been placed under arrest for the following drug offences.



1.      Latha Joe Pegues Dist. Sch II  Crack Cocaine(2cnts)

2.      Omar Shrea Davis Dist. Sch II Methamphetamine (2Cnts)

3.      Marcus Fitzgeral Sibley Dist. Sch II Methamphetamine (4Cnts)

4.      Adam V Hicks Dist. Sch II Methamphetamine (3Cnts)

5.      Orlando Cardell Levo Dist. Sch I Marijuana (2Cnts)

6.      Cedric R Montgomery Dist. Sch. II Methamphetamine (2cnts)

7.      Conway B Jones Dist. Sch II Methamphetamine (2Cnts)

8.      Willie C Kinney Dist. Sch III Lortab (2Cnts)

9.      Joyce G Jones Dist. Sch III Lortab (2cnts)

10.  Harold Cortez Wolfe Dist. Sch II Methamphetamine (2cnts)

11.  Tony P Kennedy Dist. Sch III Lortab (2cnts)

12.  Willard Mitchell Jr Dist. Sch III Lortab(2Cnts)

13.  Garrick Antoinne King Dist. Sch II Methamphetamine (1ct)

14.  Andre Davis Dist Sch I Marijuana (2Cnts)

15.  Atari Woods Dist Sch I  Marijuana (3Cnts)

16.  Darrell Alexander Dist Sch I Marijana (1Cnt)

17.  Jeffery Calhoun Dist. Sch I  Marijuana (2Cnts)

18.  Linda Dumas Dist. Sch I Marijuana (1Cnt)

19.  Misty Hensarling (Hughes) Dist Sch II Methamphetamine (2Cnts)

20.  Ray Lee Scott Dist Sch I Marijuana (2Cnts) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, (1Cnt) Poss with Intent Sch I.

21.  Labrodrick Abraham Dist Sch I Marijuana (2Cnts)

22.  Cynthia Manshack Dist Sch II Cocaine  (1Cnt)

23.  Ezekiel Jackson Dist Sch II Cocaine (1Cnt)

24.  Morris Beaudion Dist Sch I Marijuana (1Cnt)

25.  Demar Hill Dist Sch I Marijauna (1Cnt)

26.  Andreaus Daniels Dist Sch II Cocaine (1Cnt)

27.  Latanya Shandle Dist Sch I Marjiuana (1Cnt)

28.  O.C Edwards Possession of Sch I Marijuana (1Cnt)

29.  Darelynn Spencer Possession of Sch I Marijuana (1Cnt) and Poss. Of drug Paraphernalia.

30.   Lakendra Jones Possession of Sch I Marijuana (1Cnt) and Poss. Of drug Paraphernalia.

31.  Christopher J Holden Dist Sch II (2cnts) Cocaine

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