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August 29 09:58 AM

Jindal files suit against Obama over Common Core

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gov. Bobby Jindal filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Obama administration for violating states’ rights during the implementation process of the Common Core.

Gov. Jindal said that the $4.3 billion grant program and federal policy waivers to encourage states to adopt uniform education standards and testing violates the state-to-state sovereignty clause in the Constitution and “effectively forces states down a path toward a national curriculum.”

“In suing the federal government for its un authorized efforts to propagate the Common Core system, Gov. Jindal is defending the liberties of citizens and the constitutional structure intended to protect those liberties,” American Principles Project’s Executive Director Emmett McGroarty said. “His courageous leadership provides a beacon of hope to the moms, dads, teachers and other citizens across the country who are fighting for higherquality education.

“Private entities developed the Common Core through a private process and used the federal government to push it into the states through a series of end-runs around the constitutional structure. Common Core’s defective development process resulted in a product that locks children into an inferior education,” McGroarty continued. “It does not prepare them for studies in science, technology, engineering or mathematics; it does not prepare them for authentic college coursework in the humanities; and many of its standards are age -inappropriate.”

McGroarty said, “Teachers, parents and other citizens are increasingly becoming aware of Common Core’s defects, and the pushback against it is thus becoming even more powerful. This battle is far from over, but we will continue to work to defeat the faulty Common Core standards and fight the flawed process through which they were foisted upon the states.”

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