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February 27 11:03 AM
LDAF Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said, “Our investigators and the APSO were able to locate and recover much of the stolen equipment. It is through these partnerships and the ability to work together that we are able to bring suspects to justice.”.
February 27 11:03 AM
If you haven’t received your form by mid-February, here’s what you should do: If you can’t get a copy from your employer, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 after Feb. 23. The IRS will send a letter to your employer on your behalf. You’ll need the following when you call:.
February 27 11:03 AM
Hunting deer out of season and leaving a deer stand in a hunting position on a WMA each brings a $100 to $350 fine and up to 60 days in jail. Intentional littering brings a $250 fine and eight hours of community service in a litter abatement work program.
February 13 06:31 PM
On Feb. 5, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approved a notice of intent to establish the Louisiana Catch and Cook Program, a program where permitted retail food establishments will be able to prepare cer tain recreational fish caught by properly licensed fishermen.
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