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June 24 09:18 AM

See which two Louisiana cities made the list

 There’s nothing more American than going all-out on Fourth of July. We eat, we drink, we party and we blow stuff up — all in the name of freedom. But of course, freedom is not free. Everythi
June 20 10:44 AM
And, as we age, body changes can affect the way medicines are absorbed, leading to potential complications. For instance, your liver and kidneys may not work as well, which affects how a drug breaks down and leaves your body. And changes in your digestive system can affect how fast drugs get to your bloodstream.
June 13 09:52 AM
HB 1025 by Rep. Neil Abramson, HB 569 by Rep. Julie Stokes, HB 1105 by Rep. Valerie Hodges and HB 1262 by Rep. Barry Ivey will help ensure criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that victims of human trafficking are identified and protected.
June 13 09:52 AM
When he was not performing, he could be found on the Cane River and other fishing spots in the Natchitoches and Northwest Louisiana area. The plant manager, Ken Johnson, said that Natchitoches was chosen as the location for the business because “it is the land of the Cane River and an excellent fishing place.
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