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August 29 09:58 AM
According to documents filed in the case, Zahid Imran, M.D., 56, of Baton Rouge, served as the medical director of Shifa Community Mental Health Center of Baton Rouge and co-owned Serenity Center of Baton Rouge and Shifa Community Mental Health Center of Texas.
August 29 09:58 AM
Gov. Jindal said that the $4.3 billion grant program and federal policy waivers to encourage states to adopt uniform education standards and testing violates the state-to-state sovereignty clause in the Constitution and “effectively forces states down a path toward a national curriculum.
August 22 10:42 AM
Gale Allen Schoonover, 54, entered a conditional guilty plea for one count of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine before U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen L. Hayes. The plea will become final when accepted by U.S. District Court Judge Robert G. James.
August 21 10:54 AM
“The Weights and Measures Division of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is charged with the responsibility to verify the accuracy of scanners and electronic pricing systems in all retail stores. It is one more thing we do to protect the consumer,” said Commissioner Mike Strain, D.
August 08 09:49 AM
As technology evolves, the Louisiana State Police (LPS) continues to make improvements and find more effective and efficient ways of conducting business. It has been a goal of LSP to provide the option of ordering crash photographs over the Internet to the public.
July 25 10:10 AM
Burkholder says people who choose a raw diet for their pets often point out that feral dogs and cats catch prey and eat it raw. “That’s true,” he adds, “but we don’t know how many of these animals get sick or die as a result of doing that.
July 25 10:10 AM
“We hope more new residents will purchase their resident recreational hunting and fishing licenses sooner as the result of this legislation,” said LDWF Secretary Robert Barham. “There will no longer be a need to wait a full year to enjoy the state’s fish and game opportunities as a resident license holder.
July 18 11:28 AM
For the first time in 14 years, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will increase its license fees for recreational saltwater fishing from $15 to $22.50 on Aug. 1. The increase places Louisiana firmly in the middle of saltwater license fees among Gulf States.
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