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August 19 06:56 AM
“If your community floods and soil around your home or business washes away, you will need to retreat that area because the termiticide barrier may no longer exist,” Strain said. “Termite bait stations need to be evaluated for replacement as well. If you have a termite contract, you should contact your pest control company for an inspection.
August 19 06:56 AM
"Once everyone impacted by the floods is safe, we need to sit down and decide how to get this project completed," said Treasurer Kennedy. "This project has been on the drawing board since the last round of devastating flooding in the 1980s. The sad fact is that the flooding this week would not have been as devastating if this diversion canal existed.
August 19 06:56 AM
Employees from the Treasury's Unclaimed Property Division will be stationed in the Center Court next to the turtle pond at Mall St. Vincent, located at 1133 St. Vincent Ave. in Shreveport, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Treasury employees will help citizens file unclaimed property claims.
August 16 08:39 AM
 BATON ROUGE, LA - State Treasurer John Kennedy asked Louisianians impacted by the historic flooding to keep these important phone numbers handy.   These numbers and websites are wh
August 16 08:37 AM
 A new group of French immersion teachers has arrived to launch the 48th year of CODOFIL’S French program in Louisiana. This year’s group of 61 teachers is made up of professionals from Fr
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