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January 15 06:11 AM
one that Walker tried to ditch were also found inside the apartment. They also Walker was arrested on charges of schedule II drugs, possession of drug When the officer tried to handcuff her, Walker began resisting by trying to pull her hands away multiple times and then trying to run.
January 08 06:47 AM
Stewart says he has appointed Asst. District Attorneys Bill Edwards and Ford McWilliams to prosecute Montgomery in a case that has been slowly dragged through the legal system since May 15, 2014, when Caddo District Attorney Charles Scott had Montgomery indicted on the murder charge.
January 08 06:47 AM
Officers believed that she had swallowed it. Fire department personnel transported her to a local hospital, where it was determined that she had somehow hidden the pipe inside her vagina during the confrontation with the detective..
January 08 06:47 AM
During the operation, agents made several citizen contacts and one traffic stop. During the traffic stop, which was inside an apartment complex located at 2929 Peach St., agents were confronted with an armed suspect later identified as 45-yearold Robert Allen, who was a passenger in the back seat of the vehicle, along with a 10- year-old child.
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