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July 31 01:41 PM

‘Despite the Problems, Don’t Throw out the Baby with the Bathwater,’ Says Ex Worldwide Church of God Minister

 There are several indicators that organized religion is on the decline, not just in Western Europe, but also in the United States. Only 37 percent of Americans believe clergy contribute si
July 30 10:03 AM

‘It’s a Relationship That’s Not Going Away,’ Advises Female Financial Expert

 If you’re a woman, chances are good that in the years ahead, it will be you and you alone who’s responsible for managing your money. That could be a problem: Even among the very afflue
July 29 02:12 PM

Thanks to Major League Baseball and the U.S. Forest Service

 As the 2013 Major League Baseball (MLB) season slides into the All-Star break, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the results of innovative research by the U.S. For
July 29 01:07 PM

With $32 Billion for Grabs Annually, More Women are Profiting from the Subjugation of Children & Other Women

 As terrible as human trafficking is for each subjugated person throughout the world, Sharon Buchbinder says women and children are especially vulnerable. “Forced labor, organ harvesting
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