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May 13 07:19 AM
Even though revenue is down compared to this time last year, several areas of tax collections are growing from one month to the next. Corporation and franchise tax collections no longer are a negative. Sales tax, individual income tax and gasoline and special fuels tax collections grew compared to previous months.
May 06 07:01 AM
BATON ROUGE – Monday, the Louisiana State Senate passed the Raise the Age Act, Senate Bill 324 authored by Senator J. P. Morrell, by a vote of 33 to 4. The Raise the Age Act passed out of the Senate Committees on Judiciary B and Finance before seeing a vote on the Senate floor.
May 06 07:01 AM
But how many Louisiana residents know that their state has its own, real-life and large omnivorous celebrity in the form of the Louisiana Black Bear, which was recently removed from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service List of Threatened and Endangered Wildlife just two months ago?.
April 29 06:37 AM
BATON ROUGE – Monday, the Louisiana Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved the Raise the Age Act which would effectively submit 17-year-olds who commit delinquent acts to the authority of the juvenile criminal justice system, rather than automatically trying them as adults, or keeping them in adult prisons for detention prior to trial.
April 22 01:45 PM
 The Greenwood Police Department will be conducting an Occupant Protection Checkpoint,“Buckle Up In Your Truck”, funded by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. Officerswill be working on
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