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October 28 06:25 AM
“As a Marine combat veteran, Oliver understands the challenges our nation faces from terrorist organizations and will have a seat on the Armed Services Committee to make critical decisions regarding our military and protecting Barksdale and Ft. Polk from the threat of closure.
October 21 06:29 AM
BATON ROUGE, La.— In its continued effort to promote safety for traveling motorists, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is highlighting the benefits of roundabouts with a nearly three-week safety campaign that will run from October 10 to 28.
October 21 06:29 AM
“Early voting begins on Tuesday, Oct. 25, in Louisiana, and I want to provide the public with information regarding the enforcement of laws related to voting,” Finley stated. “Our staff will be available to assist in pursuing complaints of voting fraud and intimidation throughout the election cycle.
October 14 05:05 PM
“When our agricultural delegation first visited Cuba in July, we began what we hope will be a productive relationship in which Louisiana farmers will greatly benefit once the embargo is lifted. We have some of the best agricultural products, and logistically, it makes more sense for the Cubans to trade with us,” said Strain.
October 07 06:57 AM
Michael Deen Reeves, 58, and Crissy Lawson Reeves, 37, of Castor, La., and who are married, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Elizabeth E. Foote. Michael Reeves pleaded guilty to one count of manufacturing an unregistered firearm, and Crissy Reeves pleaded guilty to one count of transferring an unregistered firearm.
October 07 06:57 AM
Transforming pumpkins into cleverly carved creations is a Halloween tradition. Each October, glowing pumpkins take up residence near doorsteps and porches, adding to the magical ambiance of the season. Young and old spend time designing their themes and then taking knife to pumpkin to achieve the desired effects.
September 23 06:22 AM
An announcement on Sept. 13 highlighting new progress and momentum in support of the presidential initiative “Computer Science for All” named the CIC for its commitment to developing the nation’s future workforce through its support of computer science, cyber security and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).
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