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July 26 10:33 AM
More than 600 children have died from hyperthermia, the medical term for overheating, in parked cars in the past decade, according to Kids and Cars, a child safety advocacy group. That number has increased ten-fold since concerns about the dangers of front airbag deployment relegated children to the rear seat, where they are more easily forgotten.
July 25 04:03 PM

Six mooring buoys, which were part of a 2011 restoration project, went missing in late June

 The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division is requesting any leads regarding missing mooring buoys on Independence Island Reef. Six mooring buoys, which
July 19 10:07 AM
The following defendants pleaded guilty: Bobby Lee Kimble, 42, of Athens, La., pleaded guilty to conspiracy, wire fraud and health-care fraud; Joe Abbott, 54, of Arcadia, La., pleaded guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud and healthcare fraud; Marcus Kimble, 30, of Arcadia, La.
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