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May 16 08:59 AM
“Picking up fawns seriously diminishes their chances to live a normal and healthy life,” said Scott Durham, LDWF Deer Program manager. “When a fawn is born, it is weak, awkward and unable to move quickly enough to escape predators. Its primary survival mechanism is to remain still and hidden.
May 09 10:45 AM
Mello Joy Coffee will collaborate with Duck Commander Family Foods to craft two new specialty coffee roasts in 12-ounce bags and single-serve cups. The tentatively dubbed “Duck Commander Coffee” by Mello Joy will feature Dark Roast and Medium Roast 100 Percent Arabica coffee versions.
April 25 10:59 AM
Investigators say the landowner said she contracted with Christian Gorham to perform demolition work on an old house located on her land. The landowner said Gorham asked multiple times if he could cut or remove trees from the property; the request was denied.
April 25 10:59 AM
A subsequent investigation found that Evans was involved in a hitand-run accident a few hours earlier at the intersection of Fox Street and Glasscock Avenue. A witness told police that a passenger car ran into a trailer. The driver, identified as Evans, got out and ran away, leaving the car at the scene.
April 25 10:59 AM
Shreveport police crash investigators immediately responded to the scene of the accident. During a probe of the crash, witnesses told police that Johnson and the child were attempting to cross the street when they were struck by the vehicle that was entering the roadway from a private parking lot.
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