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September 23 06:22 AM
Stephens appeared before Judge Dorroh and was sentenced to two years at hard labor, along with court cost. The sentence was suspended, however, and Stephens was placed on two years’ supervised probation. He was also ordered not to have any contact with his victim, whom he attempted to poison with stolen chemicals he obtained from his job.
September 23 06:19 AM
After a flight to Atlanta, another into Amsterdam, Netherlands, and on to Kiev with a total flight time of about 12 hours, not including layovers, I arrived in Kiev with my interpreter, Anna Sochina, much to my surprise, to find a very modern city with many conveniences not even found in the United States.
September 23 06:19 AM
The small, plastic tool comes in three sizes — 1 inch, 1-1/2 inches and 2 inches — and fits over any spool of tape of any kind — painter’s tape, electrical tape, medical tape, duct tape, carpet tape, what have you. A small bungee cord holds the Tadpole in place.
September 23 06:19 AM
“Parish animal control picked her up and brought her to the shelter. The wound looks to be – well, based on the smell, it’s probably about a week to almost two weeks old, so she’s been running around like that for a while because it has that decomposing smell to it.
September 23 06:19 AM
Hampton was arrested in March 2015, after the 9-year-old victim told her mother that Hampton had performed sexual acts on her. The child’s mother confronted Hampton and called police. During questioning, Hampton confessed to the crimes..
September 23 06:19 AM
Serena, 15, was seated at her desk in her mathematics class when her father and mother entered the room. She looked up, smiled and, appearing uncertain how to respond, said, “Hi, Dad.” Two seconds later, she bounded out of her chair and ran to the front of the room to hug her father, a hug that lasted a couple of minutes.
September 23 06:19 AM
On Sept. 10, Lincoln took two checks belonging to the business and issued them to himself, one for $10,000 and another for $15,000. The next day at the end of his shift, Lincoln took all of the money from the safe and ATM, a total of $13,941, placed it in a bag and left the business.

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