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August 01 09:57 AM
Johnson worked as a guard at the warehouse and allowed Minor and the other defendants inside. tion were later found at McNeil’s residence after a search warrant For their roles in the case, Williams, 23, of Shreveport, was sentenced on June 30 to 33...
August 01 09:57 AM
Editor’s Notes: I was so impressed with the way that Daniel Chase runs his business that I could not resist getting Kerry to do a story on him and his business. In today’s world, finding people to do what they say is rare. For a young man to accomplish so much in such a short time is something to be commended for.
August 01 09:57 AM
According to a witness, the man entered a nearby restaurant and thanked recruiters for their service and asked to borrow a phone to make a quick call. He then used a recruiter’s cell phone to make the phone call.
July 30 02:35 PM
 The Inquisitor is on the scene in downtown Shreveport Wednesday afternoon as a man has positioned himself on the Texas Street bridge threatening to jump. Emergency personnel has shut down t
July 29 07:26 PM

Collier's attorney sought emergency writs from Appeals Court.

 A local bankruptcy attorney sent to jail yesterday has been ordered released by a higher court.Attorney Glay Collier was found in contempt of court Monday by U.S. District Judge Maurice Hicks, J
July 28 04:46 PM

Federal judge finds him in contempt.

Local attorney Glay Collier has been sent to jail by a federal judge.Today United States District Judge Maurice Hicks, Jr. held a hearing to determine if local bankruptcy attorney Glay Collier should
July 25 10:10 AM
Because of the length of time that has passed in some of the cases. Kurz could only be charged with one additional crime, said Det. James Moore, but the remaining victims’ information will be used as part of the case..
July 25 10:10 AM
According to Mark Natale of the Bossier City Police, an off-duty Bossier City police officer who was working a part-time security job at the casino was notified by security personnel about a woman who was intoxicated and causing a disturbance on the casino floor.

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