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March 25 06:13 AM
1. European immigration policy. Basically, the European Union countries had followed an open door – open borders policy (similar to Obama’s policy). Even now, as the EU countries start to tighten restrictions, they are facing complaints from human rights advocates.
March 25 06:13 AM
Here in Louisiana, a Prairieville couple started a personal health-care business funded solely with Medicaid money. Then they skipped the mandatory training that their workers were supposed to receive to become certified personal care attendants.
March 25 06:12 AM
I was reminded of this a couple of weeks ago when I read about the arrest of Jerrica Schreib at the Everett, Wash., Wal-Mart. On Thursday, March 10, police were called to that Wal- Mart after security officers spotted Ms. Schreib, 19, and Donald Coons, 42, in the sporting goods section of the store.
March 18 07:24 AM
On the contrary, these same “facts” about meth continue to be disseminated. And the more that I investigated this phenomenon, the more convinced I became that all of this misinformation was being produced and “reported” simply to fit some political agenda.
March 18 07:24 AM
For the record, Alexander School is rated by the CPSB's own Comprehensive Facilities Assessment as our best school in terms of condition. Built in 1912, but extensively renovated / rebuilt over the years, its study score was 15.32 percent. The lower that number, the better the condition of the school.
March 18 07:24 AM
Is LSU a quitter? When the pressures mount and things just don’t go as planned, are there too many instances where the state’s flagship university seems to walk away and pull the plug, with the hopes that the problem will just go away? I have...
March 11 06:59 AM
This is the scenario of the San Bernardino shooter, who certainly forfeited his privacy rights when he died in a shootout with police. So why are Apple and privacy advocates in court trying to stop the FBI from opening up the information in the shooter’s phone?.

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