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February 21 09:46 AM
of her pants” while being booked. Jailers found four grams of meth inside the woman. In another example, Teresa Bond was asked to “spread and cough” while being booked into the Jones County Adult Detention Center.
February 21 09:46 AM
I used to really mess with my grandmother when I was a kid. I would come in, and when the time was right, I’d ask, “Hey, Maw- Maw, whatever happened to that guy on your soap opera that was dating the older woman and he found out she was his mother?”...
February 14 12:23 PM
I am a concerned citizen and a taxpayer. I read the article in your paper last week about Sam Curry being arrested for auto theft. I have known Sam and his family my whole life, and I don’t believe he is guilty of this. He was the best police chief Vivian ever had, and he has done a lot for the community.
February 14 12:23 PM
The meth cooks quickly adapted, and today most meth “labs” are of the “one-pot” or “shake-and-bake” variety (incidentally, these are the same thing, the process is simply called by two names).
February 14 12:23 PM
Now, before you expires your envy at Smitty’s incredible health and vigor, listen to some facts about his physical condition. He’s so blind he has to be led around on a friend’s arm to get from place to place. He’s so deaf that admirers had to shout their congratulations in his ear.
February 07 10:53 AM
Rounding out the mayor’s office is his communications director (salary of $102,000) and his economic development/film industry advisor (salary of $103,000). A few of these staff positions are civil service; the large majority are not, and, thus, there is no job security.
February 07 10:52 AM
For more than a year, we have struggled to gain stability for the nation’s farmers while a longterm farm bill was in limbo. I am happy to hear our congressional leaders have finally resolved their differences and voted in favor of a five-year farm bill.

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