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May 20 12:52 PM
With a national election only months away, the approval rate for members of Congress seems to be in free fall. Few constituents approve of the dysfunction taking place in the nation’s capitol. Just 10 years ago, Congress had an approval rating of 65 percent.
May 13 07:19 AM
Heather Grace Hughes, 44, was pulled over in Beverly Hills (Texas, not California) at 1 a.m. on April 25 for a defective license plate light. This is something I see all the time – someone is stopped for a minor traffic/equipment violation and gets arrested on more serious charges.
May 06 07:01 AM
So what’s a hate crime you ask? If someone is premeditatedly shot and killed, that’s generally murder. When you’re dead, you are dead, and there is a strong penalty for that; generally life or the death penalty. But hate crime supporters want more than justice.
May 06 07:01 AM
Jose Salvador Medrano, 33, of Carbondale, and Abran Gutierrez, 19, of Rifle, were subsequently arrested for providing methamphetamine, alcohol and cocaine to three underage teen girls who had been in the room with the two men. Mr. Medrano and Mr. Gutierrez were charged with several felony crimes.
April 29 06:37 AM
"We approved savings for taxpayers in Youngsville, Livingston, Lecompte, Lamourie, Woodworth and other areas of the state. It's important to refinance this debt so that we can capture as much in savings as possible.".
April 29 06:37 AM
And I thought voters were distrustful, angry and confrontational a few years back when I held public office in Louisiana. This coming federal election is viewed by many, including yours truly, as a herculean and rather grim battle between good and evil, left and right, the good guys and the scum, Wormwood and the Patient, and Saint Michael vs.
April 29 06:37 AM
On April 19, police from Tulsa, Okla., found 25-yearold Glenda Cole passed out in her car near 101st and Riverside Parkway after concerned citizens called 911. She told the police that her children were with her mother. Ms. Cole was so intoxicated on meth that she had no idea that one of her children was in the car with her.
April 22 06:05 AM
Proponents of such a repeal cite “freedom of choice” concerns, saying it should be an individual decision as to whether to wear or not to wear a helmet. They say there should be no role for government to play in this decision. And I sure agree that the issue is one of freedom of choice.

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