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December 18 06:12 AM
The report includes receipts for sales tax, individual income tax, general severance tax, corporation and franchise tax, gasoline and special fuels tax, and miscellaneous taxes cash receipts. The report does not include gambling revenues, fees, self-generated revenue and statutory dedications.
December 11 04:28 AM
Kayla (although she provided her full name in the story, I am only using her first name here) never really had a chance. I have heard similar stories from so many women. You see, Kayla learned all about using drugs from her own mother – as many others did when they were young girls.
December 11 04:28 AM
Huey Long was the best friend and supporter LSU ever had. He was called the father of the modern LSU by the Virginia Quarterly Review in commenting: “Huey stroked LSU as if he had been coddling a newborn pet elephant. During fiscal stringency in all other American states, Huey force-fed LSU with increasing appropriations.
December 11 04:28 AM
This is the third of my articles following-up on last week's release of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) report on "CPERS." That acronym now infamously stands for the Caddo Parish Employee Retirement System, and its creators — some Caddo Commissioners and top staff — are censured in the report.
December 04 05:27 AM
At the end of my column every week, I ask for people struggling with methamphetamine, especially women who are using meth IV, to write to me. I answer each and every e-mail I receive, and never judge anyone for what they may share with me.

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