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June 09 06:55 AM
"Chase unquestionably had the best proposal in terms of expertise and cost savings," said Treasurer Henson. "The agreement will incorporate a variety of efficiencies that will save the state $1.8 million over a five-year period. We are pleased to partner with Chase to provide the best possible services to public agencies and Louisiana taxpayers.
June 09 06:55 AM
As a child growing up, I acted out in grade school. Getting in trouble here and there. My grandmother’s house was my sanctuary, and while I was there, I tried to behave a little more. My grades were far from spectacular, but other than getting held back in the first grade, I passed.
June 02 08:51 AM
President Trump has just returned form a whirlwind trip to the Middle East. And he has vowed to keep a continuing and aggressive U.S. presence where American soldiers are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey and other states ringing America’s Middle Eastern battlefields.
May 26 02:25 PM
A number of things, including word of mouth, has an impact on our decisions as consumers. This is applicable to parent consumers when deciding what school is the best fit for the learning needs of their children.
May 26 02:25 PM
The state was anticipating the receipt of some $140 million in oil revenue this fiscal year. But if Trump’s proposal is accepted by Congress, efforts to stop coastal erosion will take a major setback. And the state’s already fragile budget will take a major hit.
May 19 06:43 AM
Every political organization that receives tax dollars should encourage citizens to attend their regular meetings and to assist the elected or appointed members in the process of spending public dollars. It’s fundamental that having the meetings at times and dates that allow for maximum public participation is a starting point for this process.

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