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August 26 06:49 AM
The Louisiana State Bond Commission meets monthly to review and approve applications from parishes, municipalities, special taxing districts, and other political subdivisions of the State requesting authority to incur debt. For more information, visit www.
August 19 06:56 AM
I have several posts on my Web site, and I may have also mentioned North Korean meth production in past columns. If you really look, you will soon discover that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the official name for North Korea) has had a hand in the production of narcotics for many years.
August 19 06:56 AM
Louisiana poet laureate Randy Newman’s poignant lyrics, written 42 years ago, were right on the money throughout South Louisiana last week. Locals watched helplessly as the rain poured down, day and night, for 10 straight days.
August 12 06:46 AM
I am told time and time again by current and former meth users that I would be shocked and amazed if I really understood how many people were actually using meth and how they literally come from all walks of life. Just wait until you read these cases!.
August 12 06:45 AM
The report includes receipts for sales tax, individual income tax, general severance tax, corporation and franchise tax, gasoline and special fuels tax and miscellaneous taxes cash receipts. The report does not include gambling revenues, fees, self-generated revenue and statutory dedications.
August 12 06:45 AM
"Letters are circulating that claim to be from the National Association of Unclaimed Property Ad ministrators, or NAUPA," said Treasurer Kennedy. "The letters instruct people to purchase a Federal State Registration Stamp in order to claim a sweepstakes award that's ended up in unclaimed property.
August 12 06:45 AM
When I was elected coroner eight years ago, it was well known that the coroner’s office was in disarray. Death certificates were not being completed on time, money was being foolishly wasted, primarily from transporting decedents to Little Rock for autopsy but also from operational deficiencies.
August 12 06:45 AM
Whoooooa! He said what? If there were ever a poster child for continually sticking one’s foot in mouth, it would be Donald Trump. Rather than attack his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, Trump can’t seem to help himself by going rogue and making outrageous statements that even his most diehard supporters find difficult to defend.

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