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March 27 04:45 AM
Louisiana is scheduled to have its presidential primary on March 5 of next year, but there is one little problem: The state is broke, and the Jindal administration has allocated no money for the legally required election. So what happens next? Does Gov.
March 20 08:56 AM
We all know that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is a traveler. He seems to be constantly crisscrossing the country in his unlikely and quixotic quest to obtain national office. But now he says he is also the unrivaled champion of governors who travel all over the Bayou State.
March 20 08:56 AM
Here in the west, we understand that there is much truth in the old joke that whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting. Rural and small-town America depend on water, and our neighbors downstream count on us to preserve the quality of that water for their use as well.
March 20 08:56 AM
Dr. Goree, first I would like to clarify one thing. I did explain to our parents that, due to the miswording of my e-mail pertaining to you attending our parent meeting in Greenwood, the offer by you for a private meeting immediately following the Walnut Hill forum may not happen.
March 20 08:56 AM
Lately, it has become fashionable to belittle Grover Norquist, the American political advocate who opposes tax increases and serves as president of Americans for Tax Reform, in part because Gov. Jindal seeks Mr. Norquist’s guidance on the subject of state revenue.
March 13 10:44 AM
Unless someone has been living in a dark cave for the last six months, Louisiana’s budget crisis should be old news; reduced state revenues due to lower oil/gas prices and layoffs in the oil patch have certainly contributed to more concerns than happiness over lower gas prices at the pump.

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