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September 26 01:19 PM
The city is mentioned six times in the Old Testament and four times in the New Testament. When Sodom is referenced, it is always mentioned with a sense of foreboding and fear because it was an exceedingly wicked city. God destroyed Sodom with fire and brimstone.
September 19 11:46 AM
District A encompasses the entire Cooper Road area (now known as Martin Luther King Drive area), North Highlands, Cherokee Park and a portion of Cross Lake. This minority district is one of the poorest areas of the city, and the MLK area has long lacked adequate roads and infrastructure, job opportunities, and a decent quality of life.
September 19 11:46 AM
With those two definitions in mind, there are two important questions to ask. Number one, is faith alone enough to take you to Heaven? Number two, are works alone enough to take you to Heaven? The answer to both of these questions is, “No!” It is God Who offers salvation according to His grace.
September 12 03:25 PM
Hopefully, the Shreveport voters will do what the Louisiana Judiciary Commission has failed to do: remove Shreveport City Judge Sheva Sims from the judicial bench. Terrell Myles qualified to run against Sims for Shreveport City Court, Division D; Sims is seeking re-election after serving her first (partial) term on the bench.
September 12 03:25 PM
Europe has, it appears, fully embraced secularism. Churches there, for the most part, are museums. Will our churches eventually be museums, too? The future is not looking so good for Christianity in America, but, with God involved, there is still hope..
September 05 11:46 AM
Our daughter was killed in an auto accident. She was hit from behind by an individual driving at a high rate of speed. The collision was so severe it caused my daughter’s vehicle to roll over two times. Witnesses stated the individual was exhibiting DUI tendencies.
August 29 09:58 AM
With all the political hoopla in the past few weeks focused on other races, the upcoming election for all 12 members of the Caddo Parish School Board drew scant, if any, attention. Not that these elected positions are not important — quite the contrary.

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