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January 31 10:54 AM
OK, back to “Sea Hunt.” I have a Monroe friend named Ben Dillingham. He owns Bayou Divers, a scuba diving company, and Ben teaches private scuba lessons as well as classes at ULM and Tech. One of his students told me once that his jaw muscles were terribly sore after the first lesson.
January 31 10:54 AM
The first fire was reported last Tuesday afternoon in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Emergency crews and investigators had their hands full after an explosion at a home on Independence Circle that was the result of an out of control meth lab. Capt. Shawn Nelson of the New Philadelphia Police Department told reporters that when they arrived at around 2:30 p.
January 24 12:32 PM
After all, every Christian struggles with temptation. Wouldn’t it be great if God equipped us with some sort of guiding gizmo to keep our feet on the narrow path? Perhaps a batteryoperated New Testament which, upon contact with evil desires, would...
January 17 10:17 AM
It’s been a long time since a candidate for a local judgeship had a lock on the coveted black robe a year in advance, or for that matter, 11 months before the election. But that’s the case for Caddo Assistant District Attorney Karelia Stewart, who is poised to be the third member of the Stewart clan to sit on the Caddo bench.
January 17 10:17 AM
When I finally had to admit the truth to myself, I resolved not to let anyone else find out. After all, being sick is for someone else, and the whole thing seemed personally embarrassing. The symptoms got worse, so my next decision was to revamp the old proverb “Non-physician, heal thyself.
January 17 10:17 AM
Whenever I think that I have heard the worst of the worst when it comes to meth, another truly evil event occurs that shakes me to the core. It happened again this week. The following is graphic and sickening, and please do not read if you have a tender heart.
January 10 11:58 AM
The actual event occurred in Iggy’s Bar & Grill in Salem, Ore., on the Sunday before Christmas, but the story began elsewhere. Marion County Sheriff’s deputies began receiving calls around 1 p.m. complaining about a man acting “bizarrely” in the 9000 block of Brooklake Road Northeast.

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