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March 14 12:43 PM
I linger over a moment of bee philosophy. When I die, or when Christ returns, where and how will He find me? There are some bees called drones, who have no stingers and produce no honey. They just hang around, mostly, and get in the way. In hard times, the workers let them starve to death, and I for one don’t blame them.
March 07 01:55 PM
The second planned major event was set for Tuesday, March 4. This time it was heavily publicized, and outspoken Caddo Commissioner Ken Epperson had forwarded e-mails urging support for Jenkins. The only reason given by Jenkins for this cancellation was that he had to get his law office affairs in order.
March 07 01:55 PM
As bills poured in to meet the pre-filing deadline for the 2014 legislative session in Louisiana, several emerged that will create significant changes to the domestic violence laws here. Most notably a package of bills introduced by New Orleans lawmakers Reps.
March 07 01:54 PM
Big news here. And this doesn’t shock us – about the balanced budget, that is – since individual congressmen can’t seem to balance their own checkbooks. For the convenience of the legislators in D.C., the Sergeant at Arms Office runs a bank on the first floor of the Capitol building.
February 28 09:36 AM
Like it or not, Shreveport’s next mayor will inherit three grossly underfunded pension plans with outstanding funding liabilities exceeding two hundred million dollars ($2,000,000,000). Much like long-deferred water and sewage infrastructure projects, the pension plan elephant is in the room and should not be ignored.
February 28 09:35 AM
First of all, this was not a peerreviewed scientific report, even though it is promoted as such. “Peer review” simply means that the results from a scientific study are written in the form of a manuscript that is sent to several scientists in the same area of research (i.
February 28 09:35 AM
Preachers are known for their enjoyment of talking, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I talk in my sleep. At least, that’s what Laura tells me. I slept through a sermon that I was preaching in my sleep. Now there’s a switch: the pastor slumbering through his own sermon!.

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