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December 06 09:33 AM
When Bruce checked into the local hospital complaining of severe headaches, doctors discovered a cherry-sized aneurism bulging near the base of his brain stem. An aneurism is a sort of bubble in an artery. Eventually, that bubble ruptures. In Bruce’s.
November 29 04:31 PM
 By: Stephen Waguespack, LABI president Thanksgiving usually brings out the best in us. Sure, football on TV and food comas on the couch are huge traditions, but for most families, the f
November 29 08:05 AM
After returning from this pilgrimage, Thoreau published a series of essays based on the insights gained during this wilderness journey. I recently read one of those articles and discovered the following quote: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that’s where they should be; now put the foundation under them.
November 29 08:04 AM
Children are often something akin to collateral damage when it comes to meth. If the child’s parents are “cooking” meth in their homes, there is the chance that the child could pick up a sippy cup containing Drano and drink it. Such a case was reported in Santa Rosa County, Fla.
November 22 12:00 PM
Even though the elections for local judges are almost a year away (Nov. 4, 2014), Caddo lawyers are lining up to run for judgeships for both district and city judgeships. Outside the legal community, few. if any. local voters are concerned, having just endured a lifeless judicial campaign in Caddo Parish that had a record low voter turnout.
November 22 12:00 PM
In the first case from Saranac, N.Y., the Saranac Fire Department had to call the New York State Police Troop B Narcotics Enforcement Unit and Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team when they were sent to a Wednesday night fire at a residence on Canning Road.
November 22 12:00 PM
The medieval cathedrals of Europe, dedicated to the glory of God, present some of the most striking architecture in the world. Their grandeur impresses us that much more when we realize that men shaped these massive edifices in the days before architectural or building degrees, power tools or heavy machinery.
November 15 09:11 AM
In what is certainly a first for northwest Louisiana (and is a sign of the times), a social media campaign is being waged by south Bossier residents against Parkway Principal Dr. Nichole Bourgeois and the Bossier Parish School Board (BPSB). Utilizing an online Web site, change.

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