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April 04 10:05 AM
Tens of thousands of Louisiana families and businesses in the eastern part of Louisiana from Ouachita Parish in the north to East Baton Rouge Parish in the south, mostly in rural areas and small towns, depend on the American Midstream Pipeline (Midla) for their natural gas service.
April 04 10:05 AM
It's been 12 years since the order was given to review the documents, and more than half a century since the Medals of Honor were earned. Besides the pride of knowing they'd earned the nation's highest military honor, what else did the men miss out on all those years?.
April 04 10:05 AM
A balloon filled with helium, purchased at a circus or perhaps the State Fair, is accidentally released and rises, faster and faster, into the sky until it disappears from sight.
April 04 10:05 AM
"Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered." Such homespun "rules of thumb" have been hard to come by ever since Ross Perot pulled out of the 1992 presidential election race with a "giant sucking sound" before re-entering the race while reminding us of his business prowess.
April 04 10:05 AM
In Oshtemo Township, Mich., the Oshtemo Fire Department responded to a fire in a mobile home in the 5500 block of Patriots Lane at the Colonial Estates mobile home park at 7:30 a.m. last Wednesday and discovered a one-pot methamphetamine lab.
March 28 10:07 AM
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has proclaimed the month of April “Safe Digging Month” in Louisiana as part of a nationwide safety awareness campaign to draw attention to the thousands of miles of buried infrastructure throughout our state and the importance of safe excavation.
March 28 10:06 AM
Picture two citizens of the old Soviet Union standing on a street corner in Moscow. One says to the other, “They can send a space probe to Mars, so why can’t they stop these six-hour lines to buy bread?” The answer, comrade citizen, is that they can’t send a space probe to Mars either.

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