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April 29 06:37 AM
On April 19, police from Tulsa, Okla., found 25-yearold Glenda Cole passed out in her car near 101st and Riverside Parkway after concerned citizens called 911. She told the police that her children were with her mother. Ms. Cole was so intoxicated on meth that she had no idea that one of her children was in the car with her.
April 22 06:05 AM
Proponents of such a repeal cite “freedom of choice” concerns, saying it should be an individual decision as to whether to wear or not to wear a helmet. They say there should be no role for government to play in this decision. And I sure agree that the issue is one of freedom of choice.
April 22 06:05 AM
I have spent the past 30 years or so investigating the neurobiology of drug addiction, and I have maintained my Web site on Methamphetamine in the News since March of 2011 with over 14,000 posts. You would think that nothing would surprise me anymore..
April 15 07:30 AM
On March 27, which was also Easter Sunday, a little 9-year-old girl accompanied her mother to the home of Glynda RonDeau, who was reported to be a friend of her mother’s. Apparently, the two women met in jail, according to court documents. There was no mention of why either of the two were in jail together when they met.
April 08 07:38 AM
I also told the readers that I am not revealing a secret that will cause meth use to suddenly skyrocket. Like I said last week, women and girls tell other women and girls what meth can do. Why do you think that, in contrast to most other drugs, meth is as likely to be used by a woman as a man?.
April 01 07:37 AM
Donald Trump said he was stunned, shocked and livid about how elections are run way down in the Bayou State. He minced no words in giving his assessment of what happened in the recent Louisiana presidential primary: “ It tells you what a crooked system we have and what a rotten political system we have.
April 01 07:37 AM
The collective residents of the Harts Island Road area in the village of Robson, La., whose family homes are now surrounded by the Caddo- Bossier Parishes Port Commission, herein after referred to as “The Port,” would like to present a collective voice regarding the forthcoming tax renewal for the said Caddo Bossier Port.
April 01 07:37 AM
But when you think about it, they grow up around meth and other drugs, and when their mothers, fathers and other visitors to their homes were high on meth, they probably did not use the best judgment. Her mother may have decided that it was finally time for her little girl to come of age, so to speak, once she reached her teen years.

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