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September 18 06:52 AM
According to national political pundits, there is a revolution going on all over America. Voters are in a rebellion mode with little confidence in the political leadership at both the national and state levels. Being an incumbent politician is no longer a badge of honor.
September 11 07:15 AM
Despite the fact that federal regulations limit the amount of cold and hay fever medications containing pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the manufacture of meth, that you can purchase each month, the authorities continue to discover people “cooking” their own meth.
September 11 07:15 AM
of the team. Of course, I wanted them to hit the winning home run or to be the leading scorer. But the important thing was that they showed up and gave it their best. Maybe they sat on the bench and didn’t play all that much, but they were still part of the squad.
September 04 02:31 PM
The first case comes from Springfield, Mo. On Aug. 2, Ashley Miller was walking outside at her local Wal-Mart store when an old acquaintance drove by. When the driver saw Ms. Miller, she waved at him and asked if he would give her a ride. He agreed; after all, they knew each other.
September 04 05:56 AM
Sgt. Barrett Lovell, who works in the Corrections Division of the Bossier Sheriff’s Office, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia with MDS in October 2014 and received multiple chemotherapy treatments and blood transfusions. He also had a stem cell transplant.
September 04 05:56 AM
The results are in for 2015, and it comes as no surprise that Louisiana continues to lead the nation in having the highest automobile insurance rates. A new study, just released by the Bankrate Group, “ranked all 50 states according to a number of factors that determined where it’s the.
August 28 06:51 AM
The first report comes from our neighboring state, Texas, from the fine city of San Antonio. On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Valentin Renko, 25, and Karen Lee, 31, were arrested in connection with a scheme involving the sex trafficking of a minor child, according to Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs of the FBI’s San Antonio Division.

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