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August 28 06:51 AM
Just as most Americans remember where they were on 9/11, those of us living on the Gulf Coast remember the fear and concern that enveloped our region 10 years ago this week. A lady named Katrina changed many of our lives.
August 21 06:30 AM
This first case is truly difficult to believe, and to read (and write), and comes from Spokane County, Wash., in the great Northwest. A search warrant was filed on July 15, after Travis A. Joy, 45, moved out of a house where he had been living in Elk, Wash.
August 21 06:29 AM
Just like an outstanding employee with a large company who gets promptly promoted, elected officials who prove their worth by good statesmanship and exemplary representation of their constituency can almost always expect involved citizens to push them to run for a higher officerand for good reason.
August 21 06:29 AM
There’s always been a disconnect between the accolades LSU gives itself for academic achievement and the bottom line results that come from national rankings. Louisiana’s flagship rarely cracks the top 100 universities in the U.S., with a majority of SEC schools outperforming LSU year after year.
August 14 05:07 AM
I realize that I have stated many times in this “Meth in the News” column that 90 percent or more of the methamphetamine in the United States today comes from Mexico, provided by the Mexican drug cartels and their compatriots in this country. However, on a daily basis I still see reports of meth being “cooked” throughout the U.
August 14 05:07 AM
1. Many outside specialists helped me prove the Commission retirement program — CPERS — was explicitly unconstitutional. When I knew, I immediately asked my Commissioner, Mike Thibodeaux, to meet with me. On Jan. 30, 2015, I met with him and Commissioner John Escude.
August 07 07:28 AM
Editor’s Note: We received this letter from notorious confessed serial hit man Larry Thompson, Sr. who is scheduled to testify on behalf of the State of Louisiana at the murder trial of James Montgomery in September. Thompson says Montgomery hired him to kill Montgomery’s wife in 1979.

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