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June 13 09:52 AM
For example, a major online publisher recent floated the idea that Mecca and Babylon are one and the same. The person making that erroneous declaration was espousing the notion that the Antichrist must be a Muslim. Revelation says the kingdom of the Antichrist hates the whore (the city of Babylon) and reluctantly destroys her (Rev.
June 06 12:43 PM
Jindal said, “Louisianans know how frequently our state lies in the path of hurricanes and tropical storms, and our people know too well how dangerous these storms can be for our communities. That is why to mark the start of hurricane season, I am urging all Louisianans to get a game plan ready for their families before a storm is headed our way.
June 06 12:43 PM
PACT (Patient Aligned Care Teams) was started in 2010 as a team approach to the wellness of individual veterans by using health plans with care provided at clinics and online via eHealth.
June 06 12:43 PM
With overwhelming help her colleagues in the Senate, Representative Simone Champagne (R- Jeanerette) is closer to offering a constitutional amendment to ensure fines imposed under the federal Clean Water Act following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, go directly toward protecting Louisiana’s coast.
May 30 10:16 AM
Hundreds, perhaps thousands of foreign-born U.S. military veterans who have been convicted of crimes and served their time in prison have been deported, despite living legally in the U.S. since childhood. They are dumped in the country of their birth — a country they may have no memory of, where a language they may not understand is spoken.

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