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July 17 07:13 AM
If you come from Louisiana, it’s almost a congenital requirement that you are born with a love for music. Particularly string music, from country, zydeco, blues, rock and even an abundance of classical aficionados. I’m certainly in that number. Two of my first legal clients as a practicing lawyer in Ferriday were Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley.
July 10 06:24 AM
In this week’s Meth in the News I am going to report on what — surprisingly to me, anyway — appears to be a rather common crime. It’s probably a crime as old as time itself, but the involvement of methamphetamine in the commission of this crime is relatively new.
July 10 06:24 AM
'Tis the season, I suppose. With its massive property tax — and more? — election coming next spring, our Caddo Parish School Board and sizable central office staff are now rolling out another "strategic plan." The current draft of this latest one is a 37-pager.
July 10 06:24 AM
Donald Trump sure has things stirred up right now down here in the Bayou State. International television attention was supposed to highlight Baton Rouge and the whole state of Louisiana. But coverage of the Miss USA Pageant has turned more on “The Donald” and his incinerating remarks about illegal immigrants, as his revs up his presidential bid.
July 03 12:16 AM
I have been maintaining my Web site, Methamphetamine in the News, since March 31, 2011, and have made 11,294 posts (as of the writing of this article). I have reported on all types of horrific methrelated crimes, including neglect resulting in the death of children, murders, sexual abuse, rapes — you name it.
July 03 12:16 AM
Much to the surprise of many, the expected continuation of City Council debate on the proposed tax hike on our CenterPoint gas bills will never happen. Without any further public discussion, a 125 percent increase from 2.0 percent to 4.5 percent has been quietly signed into Shreveport law.
June 26 06:55 AM
People often ask me why I write this column and maintain my Web site, Methamphetamine In The News. In fact, some people become quite indignant about some of the stories that I report. However, as I always say, if what I do here and on my Web site prevents just one person from ever trying meth in the first place, then it has all been worth it.

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