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November 06 05:39 AM
The general election on Saturday, Nov. 21, will determine the outcome of many statewide races (the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general) and four Caddo races — District Attorney, Caddo Commissioner District 3 and 8 and State Senate District 38.
October 30 01:44 AM
Typically, when I think of someone sentenced to time in jail or prison, I imagine that they will not have the same access to methamphetamine and other drugs as they normally would have back when they were not incarcerated. But as I reported in Meth in the News.
October 30 01:43 AM
To those who have closely followed the campaign of James Stewart for Caddo DA, nothing is a surprise that comes out of his mouth — or what does not come out. Stewart’s entire race has been a series of “I do not know” or “I will not comment.
October 30 01:43 AM
Now remember that some 30% of adults over eighteen who could register have not done so. That means the less than 30% of Louisianans over eighteen bothered to show up at the polls to vote. And with a competitive runoff for governor and a number of other races, projections are even lower for the runoff less than thirty days away.
October 30 01:43 AM
The less-than-four-week runoff now ahead will likely feature national big guns of both the Republican and Democrat persuasions, featuring a steady diet of charges that Sen. Vitter has a debilitating deficit of personal character, and Mr.
October 23 06:27 AM
Enochville is a small community of 2,851 or so souls located in Rowan County, N.C. On Oct, 14, it was reported that the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sent a Special Response Team to a home on Garden Avenue after receiving numerous complaints that people in the house were using and distributing methamphetamine, heroin and prescription narcotics.
October 23 06:27 AM
In the numerous gubernatorial debates that have taken place over the past year, candidates have been asked time and time again what they will do about the massive fiscal debt that continues to grow. How will they fill the financial hole that some say will approach $2 billion in the coming year?.
October 23 06:27 AM
This kind of public interest research and writing is my only job anymore, and has been for several years. The very best part of it is meeting so many friendly and supportive people, including by phone, e-mail and social media messages. Without their support, I would not — will not — keep at it.
October 16 06:26 AM
On a television crime drama series last week, there was an episode about a young girl who was kept inside a small cage in her mother’s apartment. Her mother was off on a “drug binge” and had completely neglected her.

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