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April 24 02:58 AM
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is mad. Really mad! He’s had his fill of all these hyphenated- Americans ballyhooing and expressing pride in their ethnic heritage. Jindal joined a group of 18 presidential wannabes in New Hampshire over the weekend trying to impress Republican diehards.
April 24 02:57 AM
As we yet again suffer digestion of this failing, we have heard no reaction from our Caddo Parish School Board or administration. They are too busy with their heavy-handed campaign to score a $108,000,000 tax haul in next month's vote. Directly to the point of this piece, none of their intended mega-million score goes for better instructional program.
April 17 02:38 AM
When the authorities checked on the car, they learned that Ms. Appleton had been named as a possible suspect in the theft. They also quickly determined that the two children were obviously being neglected by their mother and, therefore, placed them in the care of the Los Angeles County Department of Family and Children Services.
April 17 02:38 AM
Organic farming may be as important to the farmers who practice it as to those who purchase and eat the food they grow. This year, researchers with the National Institute of Health completed a landmark, 20-year study of the connection between pesticides and depression in farmers.
April 17 02:38 AM
Legal observers across the nation have colluded that if you want to find the most egregious examples of wayward prosecutors who think nothing of hiding evidence that an accused is innocent, just go down to the deepest of the deep southern states.
April 17 02:38 AM
New research confirms that Caddo Parish School Board debt will rise to more than $250,000,000 if voters approve the tax plan set for a vote next month. The debt total is far higher than school board members and top staff acknowledge in their current campaign in favor of the tax and debt plan.
April 10 04:58 AM
The Civil War came to an end 150 years ago this week when an exhausted Confederate army, led by Gen. Robert E. Lee, formally surrendered to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant at a farmhouse in Appomattox, Va. From the beginning of the war to a bitter end on both sides, Louisiana played key roles in how this tragic war was fought.

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