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November 25 05:27 AM
The seemingly never-ending discussion concerning the location of the Confederate monument on the north side of the Caddo Courthouse has moved to a new arena — that being a 10-person citizen advisory committee.
November 25 05:27 AM
One of the biggest tests facing Louisiana’s recently elected Gov. John Bel Edwards is the challenge of re-instilling pride in the attitudes of many Louisianans. Government can only do so much. But a governor can be a catalyst in raising the public’s expectations.
November 18 05:39 AM
Let me tell you just how Donald Trump became the nation’s president-elect. It’s really quite simple. He had a compelling story to tell that resonated with millions of Americans who have been browbeaten by the continuing and tiring clichés that have been coming out of the mouths of both political parties for decades.
November 11 05:12 AM
Mainstream news organizations played a less than noble role by interfering in the process. Rules were arbitrarily set as to who could join in the televised debates. Lesserknown candidates from both parties were either kept out of the presidential debates or relegated to a “kiddie table debate” that was never shown in prime time.
November 04 06:51 AM
One of the hallmarks of America’s democracy is the right to vote on who are leaders will be. And implicit in the process is the guarantee that elections will be run fairly without any hint of corrupting the process.
October 28 06:25 AM
People are early voting in record numbers all over America. Here in my home state of Louisiana, election participation is up 25 percent over the presidential election just four years ago. Predictions are that as many as 40 percent of total voters will cast their ballots before Election Day.

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