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July 29 07:13 AM
As I have done many times before, I am going to use my prerogative to go in a different but related direction this week. It will still be about meth, but if you are looking for the next big meth bust or meth-fueled horrific act, I'm going to do something different today.
July 22 05:16 AM
Early Sunday mornings are a quiet time for me. I’m generally at a local coffee house in Baton Rouge looking over the morning papers for ideas to discuss on my midmorning syndicated radio program. Several police officers dropped in for a coffee break, and we visited about the aftermath of the recent Alton Sterling shooting.
July 22 05:16 AM
Beginning Monday, the Democratic National Committee will host its presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia, and here is a preview of the agenda. A lady who identifies herself only as Tina in Florida gets most of the credit for this, but I have added my two cents.
July 22 05:16 AM
But because we were still in shock due to the shootings in Dallas, many of us may not have been aware of another shooting of multiple civil servants and a law enforcement official that transpired at the Berrien County Courthouse in Michigan just four days later on July 11.
July 15 06:20 AM
Some 4,000 Republican delegates and party officials are converging in Cleveland this week, with Democrats heading for Philadelphia the following week. The old process of picking national candidates in the proverbial smoke-filled room has gone by the wayside in favor of party primaries.
July 15 06:20 AM
The nickname is a perfect fit. He can lie with the best of them. Over the years, he has fibbed his way into and out of trouble countless times. Still, he has had time to govern the state of Arkansas, lead the free world and become a gazillionaire. I've got to hand it to him.
July 15 06:20 AM
And I have also read what the “experts” want the public to believe — that the methamphetamine problem is blown completely out of proportion. They repeatedly state that the methamphetamine “hyperbole” is nothing more than some right-wing conspiracy created simply to imprison poor people who have not really done anything harmful.
July 08 07:04 AM
There is a perception around the country that high-profile shootings are considered the norm in Louisiana. Nine police officers were killed in the line of duty last year, more than in any other state in the nation. New Orleans regularly heads the list of the highest murder rate in the country.

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