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July 18 11:28 AM
Shady Grove will use the money for a resistance chair exercise system, said Clay Bohanon, Bossier Department of Parks and Recreation director. Shalon Lewis, recreation manager at Valencia Park, said the $500 will be used to buy copies of The Race: Life’s Greatest Lesson.
July 18 11:28 AM
Q: My father sold insurance during the 1950s, and I never saw him ever leave the house for work without wearing a crisp, white shirt with French cuffs. Needless to say, I have several dozen sets of his cuff links from this period. Is there an expert I can contact so I can find out more about them? -- Millicent, Canton, Ohio.
July 11 09:52 AM
After the commission of a sin, confession should be the next step. So, what is involved in confession? First of all, a Christian should be straightforward when confessing. That means we are to be brutally honest about what we have done. Don't alibi. Don't blame the sin on someone else.
July 04 08:01 AM
Over the last several weeks, citizens throughout Caddo Parish, particularly those who frequent the Shreveport area, cannot help bit notice the exodus of campaign literature, coverage, blogs and columns regarding the upcoming political races that will call for the election of a new mayor, police chief, city council, district judges, and city marshal.
July 02 12:02 PM

By Bob Franken

 I usually hate gloating, but this time I'm doing it. And loving it. That's because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office panel has decided that the Washington NFL team no longer has federal
July 02 11:59 AM

BY David Uffington

How is your financial year going? Are you on target with your goals? Halfway through the year is a good time to assess where you are, and where you're going. Here are some suggestions:  Ha

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