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March 03 05:43 AM
Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker touted the tax as being “absolutely no tax, no sales tax, or property tax on local citizens.” Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler touted the measure as “Two cities unified behind a proposition that we know will strengthen the economy of Northwest Louisiana.
February 24 05:01 AM
Dave Treen was sworn in as Louisiana’s governor 37 years ago. Anyone who knew him noted what a nice guy he was. But Treen’s legacy will not be based on his friendliness. History will treat him well and acknowledge that he was the first, and perhaps only, true conservative Louisiana governor in the past century.
February 17 12:32 PM
Former NBC newscaster Tom Brokaw wrote a book a few years back about what he called “The Greatest Generation.” In contrast, there’s a recent best-seller out calling America “The dumbest generation.” And since Louisiana is at the bottom of the barrel on most national lists, you can imagine how folks in the Bayou State are viewed.
February 17 12:32 PM
It’s unfortunate when job responsibilities substantially interfere with serving on civic boards, but it happens. And when it does, the choices are not good: resign or fail to properly discharge one’s responsibility. Such is the case with Nancy Cooper, who is one of nine appointed members of the Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC).
February 17 12:32 AM
Caddo Parish has rules that are different than in most parishes. In Caddo Parish, all warrants have to be approved by the district attorney before a judge can sign them. That’s not the case in Bossier or any other parish, where law enforcement can take their warrants straight to the judge for a signature.
February 10 05:15 AM
Here’s what Austin Goolsbee, a former chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers says: “I think the world vests too much power — certainly in the president, probably in Washington in general — for its influence on the economy, because most all of the economy has nothing to do with the government.
February 03 05:38 AM
Before President Trump made his choice to fill the vacancy on the United States Supreme Court, the White House undertook a nationwide search. But by even the widest stretch of standards to be met by any nominee, one thing was pretty clear from the start.

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