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December 13 08:52 AM
Since it’s the Christmas season, it’s always good to have a wish or two ready in case Santa gives you a call. If you are a Caddo taxpayer, you can add this to your Christmas list: a brand new slate of Caddo School Board members to be elected next year.
December 13 08:52 AM
avoid strenuous exercise. The doc replied that the human body most easily succumbs to this malady in the morning. He cited a study done at Harvard Medical School and declared, to be exact, that three times more heart attacks occur at 9 in the morning than at 11 in the evening.
December 06 09:33 AM
The first story comes to us from Idaho (www.ktvb.com). While meth has been a significant problem in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years, the sources of meth have evolved over time.
December 06 09:33 AM
And, cumulative wind power capacity grew by 28 percent in 2012. Those wind power additions hit a new record with 13.1 GW and $25 billion invested, bringing the total wind capacity in the country to 60 GW. This is significant, especially when compared to other forms of conventional generation.
December 06 09:33 AM
When Bruce checked into the local hospital complaining of severe headaches, doctors discovered a cherry-sized aneurism bulging near the base of his brain stem. An aneurism is a sort of bubble in an artery. Eventually, that bubble ruptures. In Bruce’s.
November 29 04:31 PM
 By: Stephen Waguespack, LABI president Thanksgiving usually brings out the best in us. Sure, football on TV and food comas on the couch are huge traditions, but for most families, the f
November 29 08:05 AM
After returning from this pilgrimage, Thoreau published a series of essays based on the insights gained during this wilderness journey. I recently read one of those articles and discovered the following quote: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that’s where they should be; now put the foundation under them.

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