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November 01 09:22 AM
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November 01 09:22 AM
The “one-pot” or “shake and bake” procedures for cooking meth use a variety of caustic, explosive and dangerous chemicals to convert pseudoephedrine into methamphetamine. Some of the chemicals often found in meth labs include: Drano, Comet, paint thinner, iodine, matches, pseudoephedrine, antifreeze, lighter fluid and acid.
October 25 09:32 AM
Yes, this is a comment on Lake Bistineau. I read where they are planning on cutting those beautiful cypress trees down to get rid of the salvania problem. Have we all lost our minds, really? Look around. They have already cut all the hard woods. All we have left is pines for lumber.
October 18 09:48 AM
Village Grill, 1313 Louisiana Ave., my girlfriend and I. It was our anniversary. I made reservations for 7:30, arrived probably around 7:25. Our server came out and gave us bread and water and a wine list to look at. Then no one ever came back. About 30 minutes rolled by, and we decided to leave.
October 18 09:48 AM
At this point, I feel everyone should be re-qualified and approved on a quarterly basis. I have no problem feeding the elderly who worked for a living prior to receiving food stamps, but if you have never contributed to the system, you should not receive food stamps.
October 11 09:06 AM
made of Mike Adkins. I have not seen it in the paper or in the news at all, he had gun charges and growing marijuana in the yard. Is this because his wife maybe works for the FBI or is this an oversight in the police department? I was just curious if you had heard about it and would like to know what really happened.
October 04 09:21 AM
If you tackle them to hard you get penalized. What kind of football is this? The rules have gotten really crazy. You can’t play football anymore, you can’t hit nobody. I don't know why they don't go ahead and put dresses on them or just play volleyball. This is ridiculous watching these football games where everybody cant touch each other.
September 27 06:05 PM
with Steve Harvey on something. Momma and daddies need to dress their little kids up like normal, everyday-type people and quit letting them walk out of the house dressed like the great whore of Babylon. We live in a sick, twisted society that lets these little, 8-, 9-, 10- year-old girls dress up like a complete whore.
September 20 09:34 AM
they apologized for the inconvenience and they were experiencing a bad problem and it would be restored as soon as possible. Knowing I was not going to see my show anymore I went straight to bed. When I checked the TV the next morning, I checked the channels, and they were all working again properly.
September 13 09:18 AM
article which opposed my opinion on the speed trap in Oil City, from the Caddo Park to where the speed reduce to 45 mph is a half-mile north of the entrance. When you get to the 45 zone, there is a “reduce speed limit” sign approximately 100 yards before you get to the speed reduction.

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