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July 05 09:35 AM
I am so sick of waking up and reading the newspaper about Obama this and Obama that, what Obama is doing and what Obama is not doing. I am so proud that he finally made history for the younger kids, older kids, the elderly or whoever.
June 28 06:35 AM
they have been throwing a fit all night long on all the channels on TV, because Paula Deen might have used the N-word. How many times have we all heard African-Americans people say “whitey,” ”cracker,” “honky” and don't ever forget “white mother F-word.
June 20 11:24 PM
Yes, I am the lady that called on the Hotline about the Obama cut. I see that someone responded to that and said, “Obama not to blame.” Maybe I do need a refresher course in civics; however, what I am seeing and hearing on the news is Obama, he is getting the blame for a lot of things.
June 14 09:25 AM
Have these people just woke up to the fact that the whole city of Shreveport is like that? I have been calling for months, and thanks for allowing me to speak on many of these instances. But are people just know waking up to the fact that this city is in dire trouble from the crime in the streets in all the neighborhoods of this city.
June 07 09:09 AM
I am calling in behalf of my elderly father, who is a terminally ill cancer patient, and would like to thank, sarcastically, President Obama, for cutting funds to have wheelchair, power wheelchair ramps built to where he can get his power chair that the government did pay for inside his home so he can use it.
May 31 09:21 AM
Hello, I am calling in response to the Cindy Manning and the police in Plain Dealing. I believe every word Cindy Manning has said. I have known her all her life, and she is a decent Christian. If you don't live in Plain Dealing, then you don't know about these police officers.
May 24 08:59 AM
******** Yes, my granddaughter goes to North Highlands Elementary and last week on Field Day, which was last Monday. They had the teacher bring her brother who was just released from prison. They served the children “prison pizza,” made from just things the poisoners have.
May 17 08:06 AM
Lawler. The answer Machen gave does not, as always, say much. He always answers with an educated bull. The law did not say anything about going out the city or parish to bring children into their parish schools.
May 03 10:06 AM
Yeah, this is Tim Cannon again up in Plain Dealing. Well, I was expecting the kind of response from my comment that I got, especially the simpleminded cowards that wouldn’t identify themselves. To set the record straight, the mayor and the town clerk have nothing to do with any of this except to be witnesses as to what happened.
April 26 09:20 AM
Hi, I have to agree with the caller who complained about our TV shows interrupted by coverage of the “Boston Marathon Bombing”. This happens any time something like this happens. Anyone who is really interested in watching these details 24-7, we have stations like CNN and HLN to watch that and give you all the details you need.

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