May 06 07:01 AM
The suspect was involved in an accident and allegedly gave the officer the wrong name and a false date of birth. At the city jail, the suspect also provided false information during the booking process..
April 29 06:37 AM
Upon arrival, the suspect fled on foot and was taken into custody. Nearby witnesses said the suspect threw unknown items, one of which was under the stairs where they were standing. The officer found a .380 handgun, which came back as stolen. Post-Miranda, the suspect said he didn’t have a weapon.
April 22 06:05 AM
approached her in a threatening manner, which upset him. He jumped on top of her without her consent and punched her repeatedly with a closed fist. Their tenant witnessed the incident, but he refused to be a part of this investigation. The suspect became severely belligerent and uncooperative.
April 15 07:30 AM
The officer conducted a traffic stop for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Upon contact, the officer allegedly saw an open Bud Light container that was cold to the touch. With consent to search the vehicle, a small baggie containing a white substance believed to be crack cocaine was found in the sun visor.
April 08 07:38 AM
protection specialist at Home Depot told the officer that the suspect and his accomplice were lifting items off the sales floor and placing them on their persons. Post- Miranda, the suspect said both of them were with a friend who was there to purchase items.
April 01 07:37 AM
When asked what his name was, he said “Brandon George.” Upon investigation, his true name was learned..
March 25 06:13 AM
Upon contact, the suspect allegedly gave the officer a false report of a crime that occurred. While interviewing the suspect, her story changed multiple times. The suspect also called and reported the crime using the 911 emergency system. She was not in immediate danger for expedited assistance of law enforcement.
March 18 07:24 AM
Consent to search was given, and under the front passenger seat was a fully loaded Taurus .38 Special. Located in the middle console and front dah area were two clear bags with a green, leafy substance weighing approximately 2.3 grams suspected to be marijuana.
March 11 07:00 AM
During a search of the suspect’s vehicle for stolen items, officers found marijuana in plain view on top of the center console. Post- Miranda, the suspect said he did take the items and planned on cooking them that day and wasn’t going to give them back.
March 04 06:12 AM
During a pat down the officer found a fully loaded .40 caliber Smith & Wesson in the suspect’s front right pants pocket. The suspect said he had a baggie containing a green, leafy substance underneath the mattress to avoid police detection. Also, three small, round pills that were blue, yellow and red were found in the night stand.

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