July 12 06:29 AM
Officer Delano observed a vehicle driving on Hwy 1 without headlights, Officer Delano initiated a traffic stop on Hwy 1, issued a citation for no driver’s license..
July 05 08:28 AM
10/8/75, was arrested by Officer Michael Delano on a charge of disturbing the peace by fighting. The officer was waved down in reference to a man bleeding. After medical assistance was given, it was found that the suspect and the co-defendant allegedly got into a physical altercation on the side of the building.
June 28 06:09 AM
1/11/76, was arrested by Officers Gaye and Alexander for disturbing the peace-drunk. Officers Gaye and Alexander were dispatched to Midway at Pardue in reference to a disturbance. The suspect continuously tried to walk away from Officer Gaye and was shouting obscenities at an individual speaking to Officer Alexander.
June 21 06:04 AM
Officer Fertenbaugh initiated a traffic stop on N Pine at E Alabama, issued a citation for switched plates, failure to register vehicle, and no insurance. The suspects vehicle was towed for the violations..
June 14 06:00 AM
5/7/63, was arrested by Officer Cottle on charges of disturbing the peace-intoxication and resisting an officer. Officer Cottle was dispatched to McArthur in reference to a fight. The suspect was detected with an odor of alcohol, observed yelling in the street and refused to go home after being told at least six times to do so.
June 07 05:49 AM
8/9/80, was arrested by Officer Fisk on a charge of disturbing the peace. Officer Fisk was patrolling McArthur Drive and came across a crowd of people in the middle of the street. Upon contact Officer Fisk observed two females screaming at each other and using profane language.
May 31 05:38 AM
1/17/76, was issued a summons by Officer Davis to appear in Mayor’s Court for theft. Officer was dispatched to E. California in reference to a theft. The victim stated that he loaned the suspect some tools and that he never returned them. He also heard that the suspect might have pawned the tools.
May 24 06:00 AM
12/11/58, was arrested by Sgt. Arbogast on a charge of disturbing the peace-intoxication. Sgt. Arbogast was dispatched to SE Front Street in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival the suspect was observed arguing and yelling at the parents of several young girls who he had previously made sexual remarks to.
May 17 07:38 AM
7/18/66, was arrested by Officer Douglas and Sgt. Arbogast on charges of disturbing the peacedrunk, resisting an officer by force and battery of an officer. Officer Douglas and Sgt. Arbogast were dispatched to E. Pennsylvania in reference to unknown trouble.
April 26 05:25 AM
10/1/73, was arrested by Sgt. Arbogast on charges of disturbing the peace by intoxication and drinking on public property. Sgt. Arbogast while on Midway noticed the suspect staggering while walking. Upon contact a strong odor of alcohol was detected. The suspect was drinking a 12 oz.

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