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January 31 12:00 AM
OK, back to “Sea Hunt.” I have a Monroe friend named Ben Dillingham. He owns Bayou Divers, a scuba diving company, and Ben teaches private scuba lessons as well as classes at ULM and Tech. One of his students told me once that his jaw muscles were terribly sore after the first lesson.
January 24 12:00 AM
After all, every Christian struggles with temptation. Wouldn’t it be great if God equipped us with some sort of guiding gizmo to keep our feet on the narrow path? Perhaps a batteryoperated New Testament which, upon contact with evil desires, would...
January 17 12:00 AM
When I finally had to admit the truth to myself, I resolved not to let anyone else find out. After all, being sick is for someone else, and the whole thing seemed personally embarrassing. The symptoms got worse, so my next decision was to revamp the old proverb “Non-physician, heal thyself.
January 10 12:00 AM
They had three children. Connie was holding Eric, their youngest. Emily, their middle child, was playing around Randy’s feet. We were missing Ellie, their oldest, who was 8. I presumed she was probably outside running around in the parking lot, as it was still light during that time of the year.
December 27 12:00 AM
been studying the four names given by Isaiah in Isaiah 9:6” “For unto us a child is born; to us a Son is given. And the government shall be on His shoulders. And He will be called, `Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’” NOTE: (If you want to listen, go to northpointumc.
December 20 12:00 AM
On a recent morning, I arose at my usual time and, after I scooted Laura off to work, went outside to read my Bible and pray. As I finished the day’s selection from the book of Job and prepared to address the Almighty, I was struck with the arrogance of what I was doing.
December 13 12:00 AM
avoid strenuous exercise. The doc replied that the human body most easily succumbs to this malady in the morning. He cited a study done at Harvard Medical School and declared, to be exact, that three times more heart attacks occur at 9 in the morning than at 11 in the evening.
December 06 12:00 AM
When Bruce checked into the local hospital complaining of severe headaches, doctors discovered a cherry-sized aneurism bulging near the base of his brain stem. An aneurism is a sort of bubble in an artery. Eventually, that bubble ruptures. In Bruce’s.
November 29 12:00 AM
After returning from this pilgrimage, Thoreau published a series of essays based on the insights gained during this wilderness journey. I recently read one of those articles and discovered the following quote: “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that’s where they should be; now put the foundation under them.
November 22 12:00 AM
The medieval cathedrals of Europe, dedicated to the glory of God, present some of the most striking architecture in the world. Their grandeur impresses us that much more when we realize that men shaped these massive edifices in the days before architectural or building degrees, power tools or heavy machinery.

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