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March 14 12:00 AM
I linger over a moment of bee philosophy. When I die, or when Christ returns, where and how will He find me? There are some bees called drones, who have no stingers and produce no honey. They just hang around, mostly, and get in the way. In hard times, the workers let them starve to death, and I for one don’t blame them.
March 07 12:00 AM
Big news here. And this doesn’t shock us – about the balanced budget, that is – since individual congressmen can’t seem to balance their own checkbooks. For the convenience of the legislators in D.C., the Sergeant at Arms Office runs a bank on the first floor of the Capitol building.
February 28 12:00 AM
Preachers are known for their enjoyment of talking, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I talk in my sleep. At least, that’s what Laura tells me. I slept through a sermon that I was preaching in my sleep. Now there’s a switch: the pastor slumbering through his own sermon!.
February 21 12:00 AM
I used to really mess with my grandmother when I was a kid. I would come in, and when the time was right, I’d ask, “Hey, Maw- Maw, whatever happened to that guy on your soap opera that was dating the older woman and he found out she was his mother?”...
February 14 12:00 AM
Now, before you expires your envy at Smitty’s incredible health and vigor, listen to some facts about his physical condition. He’s so blind he has to be led around on a friend’s arm to get from place to place. He’s so deaf that admirers had to shout their congratulations in his ear.
February 07 12:00 AM
I then engage the mechanism. Off to do a couple of things, then back to the Bunn. Lately, it has begun to emit a long, plaintive sigh which terminates in a sort of last-gasp gurgle, and then belches out a puff of steam. When that happens, I know that Mr.
January 31 12:00 AM
OK, back to “Sea Hunt.” I have a Monroe friend named Ben Dillingham. He owns Bayou Divers, a scuba diving company, and Ben teaches private scuba lessons as well as classes at ULM and Tech. One of his students told me once that his jaw muscles were terribly sore after the first lesson.
January 24 12:00 AM
After all, every Christian struggles with temptation. Wouldn’t it be great if God equipped us with some sort of guiding gizmo to keep our feet on the narrow path? Perhaps a batteryoperated New Testament which, upon contact with evil desires, would...
January 17 12:00 AM
When I finally had to admit the truth to myself, I resolved not to let anyone else find out. After all, being sick is for someone else, and the whole thing seemed personally embarrassing. The symptoms got worse, so my next decision was to revamp the old proverb “Non-physician, heal thyself.
January 10 12:00 AM
They had three children. Connie was holding Eric, their youngest. Emily, their middle child, was playing around Randy’s feet. We were missing Ellie, their oldest, who was 8. I presumed she was probably outside running around in the parking lot, as it was still light during that time of the year.

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