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November 15 12:00 AM
Let me explain. It seems that Petit had gone to see a traveling circus performing in his town. During a break between acts, he wandered outside to visit the area where animals were caged and kept. In one cage lurked the massive bulk of a Bengal tiger. This formidable cat did not perform in the show, and no one had trained it to respect human beings.
November 11 12:00 AM
I agree with people that their lives need zest, variety and meaning. I lament, however, that they are attempting to remedy the problem by dumping in tons of the world’s spice that will only raise their spiritual cholesterol level and cause heart attack.
November 01 12:00 AM
He was explaining to me that he was in Day Eight of the hostage crisis. Now don’t get me wrong. He didn’t work for some government agency or anything like that. It involved some American Tourister luggage being held hostage by a flying madhouse, as he called it.
October 25 12:00 AM
I recently read of a tragic incident which underscored the vital importance of a goof name. Joseph Bertis Randolph Miller is as good a name, I suppose, as any. Mr. Miller, a 25-year-old resident of New York state, always thought it was a exceptionally good name, since he inherited it from his father.
October 11 12:00 AM
It’s getting to be fall in Shreveport … and these cool mornings will soon bring about a change in leaf colors that we so love and admire. My Mom is heading to the Northeast in a few days to view the fall foliage herself.
October 04 12:00 AM
I pass them along here in my capacity as a shepherd burdened over the condition of his flock … From now on, no matter how strong the temptation, please do not: (1) Eat raw pork intestines; (2) poke yourself in the eye with a mascara brush; (3) expose yourself to rabid llamas; or (4) enter unventilated manure pits.
September 27 12:00 AM
admit that there might have been some brief joy in not having to war over the shower or endure cold feet in the middle of my back in the middle of the night or hear those four words every husband hates to hear from the bathroom when he’s waiting for his wife to get ready to go out: “I hate my hair!” But, really, such consolations die quickly.
September 20 12:00 AM
The Springfield Symphony Orchestra had loaned this valuable instrument to Mrs. Horowitz’s son, Jason, concertmaster for the local Youth Symphony. The boy’s mother put his fiddle on the roof of her vehicle, forgot about it, and drove off. Police say witnesses reported spying an empty violin case lying by the road.
September 13 12:00 AM
Moments after jumping, Debbie Williams, a fifth-grade teacher from Post, Texas, attempted to perform a “corkscrew,” which is some sort of aerial maneuver. Instead, she smacked into another diver at something like 50 miles per hour. The impact knocked her as cold as day-old pizza before she had any chance to open her chute.
September 06 12:00 AM
The Bible says, “And a child shall lead (teach in this case) them.” More lessons from the nursery … God has again used a newborn child to teach me some important spiritual truths. The latest course of instruction concerns eating, an area in which every child excels.

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