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August 30 12:00 AM
It’s true. A skier stands at the top of the hill and lets gravity pull him down. He attempts, through the use of specially designed equipment and specific techniques, to manipulate the process so that he controls the pace and direction of his fall – but he’s falling all the same.
August 23 12:00 AM
Men aren’t born again strictly between 11:00 and noon on Sundays, or whenever a particular church meets. The movement of God on our lives falls at different times as “the wind blows where it wishes,” (John 3:8). The concerned Christian never tells an.
August 16 12:00 AM
On any given Sunday morning here at NorthPoint, for instance, I see many small rooms filled with large numbers of small kids and, smack-dab in the middle of them is an adult who has given up the privilege of attending his/ her own Bible study class in order to tell these little ones about the Savior.
August 02 12:00 AM
And they told me that the Sunday night services were exciting at Gilbert. I didn’t realize just how much so. I was leaving the services and heading back to my car when my friend Warren “Fuzzy” Kemp grabbed me and held me back for a moment. I didn’t see the baby rattlesnake that I almost stepped on.
July 26 12:00 AM
It seems that a newspaper reporter in Bethlehem made an interesting observation. Near Manger Square – along the main route to the Church of the Nativity, supposedly located on the site where Jesus was born – stood a teenager in a Santa Claus suit. He was ringing a brass bell.
July 19 12:00 AM
The pilot apologized to his passengers. The entire flight crew apologized. They offered everyone complimentary food. And know what? The passengers weren’t satisfied. In fact, the only thing which could settle them down was for the airlines to find them transportation to their original destination.
July 05 12:00 AM
It seemed like a good idea at the time, and Braniff (remember them?) Airways officials for the longest time insisted that it was. They wanted to run a series of ads promoting the leather seats in many of their planes, and they wanted especially to reach the Spanish-speaking community in Miami, Fla.
June 28 12:00 AM
The Italian police caught on to Miss DeVree because she looked and acted nervous, and occasionally we may act sufficiently ill at ease to provoke an inquiry from a lost friend, but the fact is that most people don’t care enough to X-ray our souls and find the buried treasure.
June 20 12:00 AM
Temptations are sort of like fleas in that respect. James, the half-brother of our Lord urges us (James 1:2-3) to give thanks for the testing and temptation we encounter. They don’t come from God, but even they serve Him all the same..
June 14 12:00 AM
Now, this is not some average $19.95 special that hooks you up with some polyester prince in an Edsel. Au contraire! The founder – one Zelda — who said, “I don’t find the word `snob’ offensive” – Fisher, screens each client to insure quality..

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