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June 07 12:00 AM
Paul Stewart knew the law. He taught criminal justice at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He had a bachelor’s degree, a law degree and a master’s degree. Fellow professors described him in sparkling terms. Stewart even kept law in the family — marrying the assistant dean of the University of Nebraska School of Law.
May 31 12:00 AM
This unorthodox bid for the White House ended when three very brave students decided that the man’s gun was a fake. Patrick Hood, Raymond Smith and Michael Wiseman overpowered the would-be chief executive after correctly determining that the re volver.
May 24 12:00 AM
have been gashed open by sin. As they sink daily, they cry out for help. We hear them all the time. Often, however, they do not cry out to Christians because we have not clearly stated, by our lives and by our words, our position of nearness to the Father through Christ the Son.
May 03 12:00 AM
think about the world we inhabit, a little follicle-snatching makes pretty good sense. Between the economy (which may do any of a hundred things and all of them bad), the rocket-rapid rise of violent crime, the burnt toast at breakfast and the...
April 26 12:00 AM
The lower portion of the estuary is tidal, meaning that it lies almost exactly at sea level from Albany down to the Bay and is thus subject to the same lunar tug that ruins sandcastles on the beach at Gulf Shores. When the tide is going out, the Hudson rush es.
April 19 12:00 AM
However, the Lord has worked that out. As He rescued us in a moment of crushing spiritual poverty, He now sends us out to rescue others. One key command of the Christian life is that we learn to see, in every face we encounter, the re-creation of our Lord.
April 12 12:00 AM
Thousands of motorists sped by. Rush hour came and went as Camacho rattled the bushes around him and tried to call for help. No one saw him…at least no one stopped. Finally an unidentified motorist dialed 911 and Camacho was picked up and recuperated in Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego, a miracle.
April 05 12:00 AM
We probably feel like Pierre Dumont. When asked to contribute a franc to cover a stranger’s burial expenses, the famous writer asked who had died. Upon being told that the man was a tax collector, he replied, “Here’s another franc. Bury two of them.”.
March 29 12:00 AM
In contrast, I take you now to Biosphere II, located in the desert north of Tucson (Arizona)and run by the University of Arizona. It’s a three-and-a-half acre greenhouse, a sort of combination of Henry Thoreau’s cabin at Walden and Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral.
March 22 12:00 AM
Simple…they’re afraid of the volcano-goddess. Park rangers at Mount Kilauea in Hawaii explain that tourists have always swiped chunks of rock from the slopes of the still-active volcano as souvenirs. But a few years ago, a rumor got started that Pele, the native goddess of fire, molten rock and forest-eating, put a hex on cinder-swipers.

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