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August 05 12:00 AM
He wanted to be Louisiana's governor and he was running against Edwin Edwards. I was a bivocational pastor at the time, and, along with several other pastors, I met with the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan at a restaurant in Northwest Louisiana.
July 29 12:00 AM
Just seven months later, on Nov. 5, 2009, a Palestinian secondgeneration immigrant, Nidal Hasan, went on a shooting rampage at the army base in Fort Hood, Texas. He annihilated 13 people, but the U.S. Department of Defense called the carnage the result of "workplace violence," not radical Islamic terrorism.
July 22 12:00 AM
Beginning Monday, the Democratic National Committee will host its presidential nominating convention in Philadelphia, and here is a preview of the agenda. A lady who identifies herself only as Tina in Florida gets most of the credit for this, but I have added my two cents.
July 15 12:00 AM
The nickname is a perfect fit. He can lie with the best of them. Over the years, he has fibbed his way into and out of trouble countless times. Still, he has had time to govern the state of Arkansas, lead the free world and become a gazillionaire. I've got to hand it to him.
July 08 12:00 AM
By his own admission, on July 19, 1996, he drove 26-year-old Kristi Gwen O'Pry to his family property in southwest Shreveport and strangled her. Not satisfied to just kill her, he proceeded to have sex with her corpse three times and then cut her body into pieces with a saw.
July 01 12:00 AM
I would be embarrassed for you to know about some of the things I have done during my 63 years on this earth. God knows everything I have done, and that is the worst part. But, many of those closest to me also know about some of the things I have done. I am not proud of them, but I did them.
June 24 12:00 AM
If you are unborn, it is perfectly legal for an abortionist to kill you. Unfortunately, an unborn child has no choice and no chance if his or her mother decides to have an abortion. There are precious few babies making it out of the womb alive in abortion clinics, and if they do, they are finished off in short order.
June 17 12:00 AM
Take, for example, Nathaniel Code Jr. Now 60 years old, he is a convicted Caddo Parish serial killer who was sentenced to death, get this, 25 years ago! Today, he still sits on Louisiana's Death Row, very much alive. And, he has the audacity to complain that his cell at the Louisiana State Penitentiary gets too hot in the summer.
November 13 12:00 AM
She was looking forward to getting a good night's sleep. She needed it. She was stretched thin, doing her best to work a fulltime job, take care of her husband and kids and minister to the young people at her church. There were not enough hours in the day.

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