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August 21 12:00 AM
The roads we travel are always full of warning signs. For example, when you travel through the mountains in the state of Arkansas, you might see a sign that says: WATCH OUT FOR FALL- ING ROCKS. Or, elsewhere, you might see a sign that says: SLIP- PERY WHEN WET.
August 08 12:00 AM
I don’t like his politics. I don’t like his theology. I don’t like his worldview. I don’t like his view of America. I don’t like what he’s DOING to America. I don’t really much like HIM. I think he is arrogant. I think he is narcissistic. don’t like him, but I love him, because that’s what Jesus tells me to do.
August 01 12:00 AM
As you watch events unfold in the Middle East, never take your eyes off Israel. What Israel does and what Israel says is always important. What other countries say about Israel and what other countries do about Israel or to Israel is always important..
July 25 12:00 AM
In the Old Testament book of Genesis, Satan, the Father of Lies, as he is sometimes called, comes to the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve, and during the encounter, he reveals some of his weaknesses. These are flaws that will someday cost him dearly when God consigns him to the lake of fire forever.
July 18 12:00 AM
As a believer, what should you hate? Satan should be the con stant target of your hatred. You should also hate sin. Sin is the reason your Savior had to die such a heinous death. And then, you should hate the system. And what is the system? That is the "world" and its values.
July 11 12:00 AM
After the commission of a sin, confession should be the next step. So, what is involved in confession? First of all, a Christian should be straightforward when confessing. That means we are to be brutally honest about what we have done. Don't alibi. Don't blame the sin on someone else.
June 27 12:00 AM
Amy Grant is a professing Christian. She is immensely talented. She is a singer-songwriter, musician, author and actress. She has dozens of Dove awards, six Grammys and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. God has gifted her beyond measure. She has money and fame.
June 20 12:00 AM

MICKEY MANTLE’S MIRACULOUS JOURNEY The Conversion of the Commerce Comet

Many years ago, in my capacity as a sportscaster, I got a chance to interview Mickey Mantle. He was drunk.
June 13 12:00 AM
For example, a major online publisher recent floated the idea that Mecca and Babylon are one and the same. The person making that erroneous declaration was espousing the notion that the Antichrist must be a Muslim. Revelation says the kingdom of the Antichrist hates the whore (the city of Babylon) and reluctantly destroys her (Rev.
May 23 12:00 AM
"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" None other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth spoke those words. They applied 2,000 years ago, and they apply today. I wonder if the liberal billionaire, Warren Buffett, has ever read that verse?.

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