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June 14 09:25 AM

Gov. Jindal signs pair of bills to strengthen public safety

Legislation helps protect Louisiana communities and campuses from sex offenders

On June 7, Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a pair of bills that strengthen public safety by protecting communities and college campuses across Louisiana from known sex offenders. Both pieces of legislation are part of the governor’s 2013 Legislative Package.

Gov. Jindal said, “One of our top priorities is keeping our communities and our children safe.

These common-sense pieces of legislation will help us keep tabs on known sex offenders who come here from out of state or who work on our campuses, and both bills will go a long way toward ensuring the safety of our loved ones by identifying possible threats and limiting contact with known offenders.”

HB 145 — authored by Rep.

Jay Morris — clarifies that out-ofstate sex offenders who are given lifetime sex offender registration status in a different state, are subject to the same number of inperson renewals as those sex offenders who are given lifetime registration status under Louisiana law.

This legislation will help keep our communities safe by ensuring that sex offenders are properly identified and registered.

HB 167 — authored by Rep.

Simone Champagne — requires Louisiana State Police to include an arrest record for sex offenses and crimes of violence and a complete conviction record in background checks requested by postsecondary institutions.

This legislation will decrease the likelihood that college students and high school students on college campuses are exposed to university employees who are sex offenders or violent offenders.

Both bills passed the House and Senate with unanimous support.

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