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August 06 10:54 AM

School Zone enforcement kicks in with the start of school

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  As Bossier City schools prepare to start a new school year on Thursday August 8, 2013, the Bossier City Police Department is reminding everyone that school zone enforcement will once again be in effect and Bossier City officers will be stationed across the city issuing tickets to motorists who choose to speed in posted school zones.

To help remind motorists that school zone enforcement will resume on Thursday, flashing yellow lights will be activated at various school zones in the city on Wednesday, August 7. Citations will not be issued for school zone violations on Wednesday. The school zone lights will be activated on Wednesday only to give motorists a “heads up” that the school zone enforcement begins Thursday.

Motorists have been driving all summer without having to slow down in school zones and the early activation of warning lights is designed to serve as a reminder so that motorists are not caught off guard come Thursday morning.

When classes resume on August 8 drivers are advised to consider leaving for work a little earlier during the morning hours so that they are not rushed and can compensate for any delays due to slowing down in school zones.

The minimum fine for speeding in a school zone is $150 plus court costs. Fines can be more expensive and determined by the court depending on how fast someone is clocked speeding in a school zone. All school zone speeding violators are required to make a mandatory court appearance. 

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