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October 02 04:06 PM

Drowning victim recovered from 12 Mile Bayou


Shreveport fire and police department personnel and Caddo sheriff’s deputies have recovered the body of a drowning victim Wednesday afternoon on Twelve-Mile Bayou.

According to Fred Sanders of the Shreveport Fire Department, three men were in a boat on the local waterway when the boat “either capsized or began to sink.”

“Two of the gentlemen were able to get out of the boat. The third gentleman went under.” The  victim was under the water for about five minutes before anyone else came along and could communicate with the fire department.

Reports indicate that the unidentified man in his thirties has been recovered. 

None of the three men in the boat were wearing life vests.

The two surviving men were treated at the scene. One of the men was subsequently transported by ambulance to LSU Hospital, and another is with Caddo sheriff’s deputies showing them where their boat went down.

The identities of the three men have not been released.

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Shreveport Fire Dept. personnel treat one of three men in a boat on 12Mile Bayou that ran into trouble. One man is still currently unaccounted for.


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