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October 18 09:47 AM

Caddo Sheriff’s Office takes on new look


Caddo sheriff’s deputies have been wearing the same uniform for more than 30 years, but that’s now changing, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Deputies are hanging up the traditional silver-tan shirts and dark brown pants in exchange for a crisp navy blue/silver-tan combination.

Sheriff Prator said the change was necessary because it was becoming more difficult to find vendors who sold the dark brown pants. And the old cordovan leather gear also has limited availability.

“After months and months of searching, we’ve come up with a uniform that’s comfortable for the deputies, professional in appearance, and provides uniformity in all areas of the sheriff’s office,” he said.

The 65/35 polyester-cotton combination is more breathable than the old 100 percent polyester uniform, which was important to deputies who work outside in the Louisiana heat and humidity. The new uniforms wick moisture away from the body and are also stainresistant.

Sheriff Prator said the uniform change was accomplished at no extra cost to taxpayers. The cost was absorbed by delaying biannual clothing allowances issued to deputies during the new uniform selection process.

The sheriff said he’s also using the opportunity to do away with pieces of the old uniform, like baseball caps and polo-style shirts, that don’t reflect the professional image of the Caddo Sheriff’s Office.

All deputies, including reserves, auxiliaries, and communications officers, have been fitted for new uniforms. A large shipment of uniforms was received from the vendor Oct. 14, and many patrol deputies began wearing them Tuesday. Others will move to the new uniform as they become available from the manufacturer.

Deputies on patrol and at the Caddo Correctional Center will wear a navy shirt and silver-tan pants, as will reserve deputies. Auxiliary deputies and communications deputies will wear silvertan shirts and navy pants. All old uniforms will be donated.

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