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November 11 03:10 PM

Governor Jindal: Every Day Should Be Veterans Day


 MANY – Governor Bobby Jindal marked Veterans Day at a Disabled American Veterans hall in Many, Louisiana, declaring that every day should be Veterans Day.

Governor Jindal said, “In the face of great peril, and asking for nothing in return, these courageous men and women put their lives on the line in the name of freedom. Our veterans fought for our liberties, our values and for all of the freedoms we enjoy today as Americans – and we thank God for them. Today is an opportunity to thank our veterans for their service, but we should not wait until Veterans Day to say thank you. Every say should be Veterans Day.”


The 21st Chapter of the Disabled American Veterans in Sabine Parish hosts an annual Veterans Day event to honor the memory of all veterans. This year, the Governor and members of the Disabled American Veterans recognized POWs, MIAs and those veterans who recently passed away in the area.


Governor Jindal has taken a number of steps to support and honor Louisiana’s veterans, including:

·       Creating an official “Veteran” designation on driver’s licenses for Louisiana veterans. Before the legislation, veterans had to carry cumbersome paperwork to show proof of their military service when applying for jobs or for discounts and services provided by retail stores. Now, all they need is their driver’s license.

·       Signing legislation to ensure students who delay their TOPS award to serve in the military do not lose their eligibility for voluntarily reenlisting.

·       Streamlining professional licensing for military personnel and their spouses seeking employment in Louisiana, making it easier for them to find work.

·       Issuing an Executive Order that made Louisiana the third state to participate in the United States Army Partnership for Youth Success Program, encouraging employers, like the state of Louisiana, to recruit former Army active and reserve members.

·       Redirecting the Louisiana Military Family Assistance Fund to the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs. Since that time, LDVA has awarded more than $350,000 in financial assistance to more than 2,500 Louisiana National Guardsmen and Reservists.

·       Creating the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal, and since 2009, more than 40,000 medals have been awarded to Louisiana veterans.

·       Signing legislation to ensure veterans get the care they have earned by expanding the eligibility requirements of the Louisiana War Veterans Homes, allowing the state to serve a greater number of Louisiana veterans. Over 80,000 peacetime Louisiana veterans and their spouses are now eligible for service at the War Veterans Homes.

·       Increasing the presence of veteran service offices by opening locations in every parish across the state, which provide veterans with local access to trained Veterans Assistance Counselors who help veterans and their families secure the benefits they earned through their military service.

·       Helping veterans access veteran-specific mental health or substance abuse services by granting judges, when sentencing veteran defendants, the authority to require that the Department of Corrections partner with the Department of Veterans Affairs to identify existing support programs.

·       Cracking down on individuals or entities posing as veterans or veteran owned businesses to receive special benefits or privileges afforded to veterans.

·       Protecting grieving families of veterans by creating a buffer zone that prohibits the disruption or obstruction of a funeral procession, funeral or burial.

·       Helping returning service members, veterans and their spouses who have relocated come back to Louisiana by extending the time periods for renewing their state or professional licenses.




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