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March 14 12:43 PM

Governor announces legislation to further protect life in La.

Last Friday, Gov. Bobby Jindal announced legislative proposals aimed at continuing to protect life in Louisiana. These reforms will build upon the work Gov. Jindal has done to make Louisiana the most pro-life state in the nation.

Jindal said, “Promoting a culture of life in Louisiana has been an important priority of mine since taking office, and I am proud to support these bills this legislative session. In this state, we uphold a culture of life that values human beings as unique creatures who were made by our Creator. These bills will build upon all we have done the past six years to protect the unborn.”

Rep. Katrina Jackson said, “Women who resort to the traumatic experience of abortion are entitled to have these procedures performed in a safe environment. The Unsafe Abortion Protection Act ensures that surgical abortion facilities are held to the same safety standards of other outpatient surgical facilities in Louisiana, and this initiative will build on our past work to protect life in our state.”

Rep. Frank Hoffmann said, “I am happy to work with Gov. Jindal to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent to promote education and life, not to push a private agenda that is deeply unsettling to many of Louisiana’s citizens. The passage of this bill will represent an important step in defending the parental right to guide a child’s moral development. It also sends a message that our schools are places of education and growth, not marketing opportunities.”

Since Gov. Jindal has taken office, he has signed over a dozen pieces of legislation aimed at protecting the culture of life in Louisiana.

Proposals To Further Protect Life In Louisiana: HB 305 by Rep. Frank Hoffman This bill ensures that abortion providers are not using taxpayer-funded school time and resources to promote a pro-abortion agenda to Louisiana’s school children. The bill will be authored by Rep. Frank Hoffmann and would bar employees of abortion clinics and affiliates from presenting to students at public and charter schools. It would also prevent abortion clinic employees from distributing to public or charter schools or their students any material created by or bearing the identifying mark of any abortion clinic or its affiliates.

HB 388 by Rep. Katrina Jackson This bill will impose additional restrictions on abortion providers by requiring abortion doctors to maintain admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, a standard already imposed upon doctors of ambulatory surgery centers. The bill, authored by Katrina Jackson, would also require that a woman be provided with the same information under the Woman’s Right to Know law regardless of whether her abortion is performed surgically or pharmaceutically. This legislation ends the practice of holding abortion providers to a lower standard of safety than that applied to other clinics. It also ensures that abortion clinics cannot escape their duty to provide women with required information simply by offering a pharmaceutical abortion rather than a surgical one.

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