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March 21 11:16 AM

Want to sell something? Consign it for an auction

Are you in the market to sell a vehicle, heavy equipment, general merchandise or tools? Want to target a large buying public with little to no work on your part? Then auction consignment may be for you.

Lawler Auction Co. accepts consignments from the general public for their monthly public sales held at their facility on Highway 1, along with select auctions held on location throughout the area.

Consigners may list the lot at any time in advance of the sale, up until the Thursday before the auction, and will receive a check on the Tuesday following the sale. That simple!

Here is how it works: The seller commissions Lawler Auction Company to sell the vehicle/ equipment/lot at a public auction to the highest bidder. The seller will ensure that the lot (if applicable) has a clear title, free and clear of all liens or mortgages. The seller will authorize Lawler Auction Company to deduct a commission from the proceeds, as set forth in their terms. Seller is then paid on the following Tuesday after the auction, provided all necessary titles and paperwork have been properly executed and submitted.

Those wishing to consign a vehicle to auction must ensure that the title is clear and in their name. The person listed on the title must be the person consigning the vehicle for sale. A valid driver’s license or ID must also be submitted at the time of consignment. Vehicles are taken on consignment Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., up until 5 p.m. the Thursday before the auction. (This may vary for on-site location auctions. Those wishing to consign to a particular on-site location auction are asked to call the office for specifics dealing with that auction.)

Lawler Auction Company's commission rate scale is 10 percent for items selling over $1,000; 12 percent for selling price of $501 to $999; 15 percent for items selling $101 to $500 and a $20 fee for items bringing $100 or less.

If you are not wanting to wait for auction to sell your vehicle, Lawler Auction Co. may purchase your vehicle from you. Those wishing to sell their vehicle outright are asked to call 318-929-7003 and schedule an appointment.

Lawler Auction Facility, located at 7781 Hwy. 1 North, in Shreveport, offers over 40 secured acres dedicated to offering the latest and state-of–the-art equipment for their auctions. There is ample room for vehicles and large equipment outdoors and a large, indoor facility for storing smaller items out of the elements.

The modern auction barn allows for attendees to sit in the comfort of air-conditioning or heat, while vehicles are driven past a large windowed wall, along with monitors readily displaying the current lot up for bid.

Concessions and restroom facilities are also available throughout the day of auction.

Those choosing to consign with Lawler Auction Company can sit back and relax and leave the advertising of their items up to the professionals!

Marketing of the lots begin immediately through Lawler Auction's Web site, www.lawlerauction.com. Those choosing to bid utilizing Internet and absentee bids may begin bidding on the lots immediately after items are posted to the Web site.

For business owners that are looking to downsize or liquidate, to those having agricultural items or real estate they are wanting to sell off, Lawler Auction Company uses technology to make their auctions more convenient, fast and professional. Large consigners choosing to hold auctions have the option of standard live on-site bidding, incorporating “live” Internet biding, either at their location or at Lawler Auction Facilities or they may opt to having “Internet-only” online auctions.

Anyone interested in consigning items to any of the upcoming auctions or if you are interested in having an auction held at your location, are urged to call 318-929 -7003 to speak Lawler Auction staff. You may also go online to their Web site to find out more information.

Lawler Auction will be having it’s next upcoming monthly consignment auction on April 5, and consignments are now being taken.

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