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February 01 04:30 AM

Shreveport City Marshal’s Warrant Team surprises accused drug dealer

BY CHRIS REDFORD redford@theinquisitor.com

Keith Youngblood had a surveillance camera on his house to see who was coming to his door, but he apparently wasn't watching very closely when the Shreveport City Marshal's Warrants & Intelligence Team came knocking Monday January 28.

"We went there unan-nounced and went in droves," said Marshal Charlie Caldwell.

Caldwell said members of the team went to Youngblood's house in the 330 block of Caperton to pick him up on a warrant for failure to pay a court fine, but what they found once they arrived was much more than just a wanted man.

"Deputies saw some marijuana out in plain sight so they took a look around," Caldwell.

Caldwell said deputies first found some paraphernalia inside a sugar pot. They then found digital scales and a baggie containing 16-grams of crack cocaine hidden inside a pot with an artificial tree.

"The tree was fake, but the drugs were definitely real," said Caldwell.

Youngblood, 41, was booked into jail on charges of illegal possession of schedule I and illegal possession of schedule II with intent to distribute.

This is the second time in two weeks, members of the City Marshal's Warrant & Intelligence Team seized a considerable amount of drugs while looking for wanted people.

"We always go into a residence with the expectation we may find more," said Caldwell.

Caldwell said his team is fully equipped with state-of-the -art technology and each member has the dedication needed to roundup the city's most wanted.

"Our team successfully tracks down those who think they can't be found," said Caldwell.

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