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March 20 04:40 PM

CPSO seeks man for ID theft and fraud

Anthony Guidry

 The Caddo Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating 35-year-old Anthony Scott Guidry, who has a history of committing financial crimes and white-collar schemes.           

 Guidry bonded out of jail in February after his arrest for bank fraud and theft. Detectives say he failed to appear in court and continues to commit felony crimes while out of jail. His whereabouts are unknown.

 Since Guidry’s release, Caddo Sheriff’s Detective Bobby Herring obtained a new warrant for his arrest on identity theft and bank fraud charges. Bond on the new charges was set at $125,000. Guidry is accused of using a man’s ID to obtain fraudulent loans from a bank to purchase video/sound equipment for Anthony Scott Guidry Ministries. After obtaining the loan, he returned the equipment for $25,000 cash. The offense occurred between December and January, 2013.

 Guidry also has four additional bench warrants for failing to appear in court on the following charges:

1) Theft ($40,000 bond on the bench warrant) – In March 2009, Guidry bought $1,000 in equipment from a local music company then stopped payment on his check and pawned the equipment for cash.

2) Bank Fraud ($100,000 bond on the bench warrant) – In May 2012, Guidry fraudulently obtained a credit card machine then overrode the security features on the machine to force charges of $19,000, which he funneled to prepaid credit cards that he used for his own purposes.  

3) Theft ($20,000 bond on the bench warrant) – In September 2009, Guidry stole $4,500 cash from an elderly client while working at a residential health care facility.

4) Bank Fraud ($40,000 bond on the bench warrant) – In February 2013, Guidry used a check kiting scheme to cash checks totaling just under $4,000.  

            Guidry is a black male, 5’7”, and 180 lbs. He is bald with a dark complexion and is neat in appearance.

            Anyone with information regarding his location is asked to contact Det. Herring at 681-0770 or 675-2170, or call Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.




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