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April 04 04:33 PM

The Inquisitor to be delivered by Postal Service on Fridays thanks to Congressman Fleming

Post Office to process papers on Thursday nights after they are printed.

john fleming toned mug shot
Congressman Dr. John Fleming - File Photo

 Subscribers of The Inquisitor should start seeing their newspapers arriving on Fridays, thanks to the help of Congressman Dr. John Fleming.

When The Inquisitor learned that a local daily newspaper was having their mail processed at 3:00 a.m. for delivery the same day, The Inquisitor went to the Postal Service asking for the same special treatment. Unfortunately the approval could not be granted on a local or even regional level, it had to be approved by the Postal Service headquarters.

After several weeks The Inquisitor was initially denied the overnight mail drop exception, with the Postal Service referring to a Postal Service policy that required all newspapers to have requested the special privilege by 2009. That’s when Fleming was called for assistance in dealing with the bureaucracy in Washington, DC, where the Postal Service is headquartered. 

Congressman Fleming, who is  also a longtime subscriber to The Inquisitor, went to battle for The Inquisitor and its many subscribers who make up his constituency. After Fleming’s office requested a conference call to be set up between Fleming and the head of the Postal Service, Postal Service officials agreed to take a second look at the request and within one day, the Postal Service contacted The Inquisitor with notification that they had been approved for the overnight drop off and processing of the newspapers for immediately delivery.

“This is big news for our subscribers,” said Publisher Danny Lawler. “For years our subscribers have had to wait until Saturday or even Monday to get their newspapers. Since the Postal Service has agreed to process our papers after they are printed on Thursday nights, most of our local subscribers should receive their papers in their mailboxes on Friday.”

Fleming said Wednesday, “Thanks for letting us help on this. It is only fair that you should have the same mail drop privileges.”


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