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July 28 07:14 AM
It’s a poorly kept secret, which Mayor Ollie Tyler refuses to acknowledge, that Shreveport’s police are lowly paid in comparison to comparable cities. The continual shortage of police officers below the authorized number is due, no doubt, in part to the pay disparity.
July 28 07:14 AM
At first, Holly and I weren't together. But as usual we found ourselves in each other’s arms once again. Unfortunately, our reunion didn’t last long. She was jailed for dodging a drug test ordered by the juvenile court system. It hurts my heart to share this.
July 28 07:14 AM
Family destinations to the beach or the mountains were a regular and anticipated event. The last two weeks in August used to be a popular time for families to get away to the beach for a final summer fling. But not anymore. The American family vacation seems to be dying.
July 21 07:11 AM
The accumulation of time that I’ve spent behind bars has now become a major period of my life. For us that are in the cage, it’s as if time had stopped. But we know that’s not the case. Time keeps going and going. The world keeps spinning, even if we’re not in it.
July 14 07:02 AM
Let me tell you something I’ve learned over the years. You just can’t get away from Louisiana, no matter how hard you try. Just about anywhere I’ve traveled throughout the world, images of the Bayou State always seem to crop up. That was certainly the case last week when I headed to the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains for a little fly-fishing.
July 14 07:02 AM
Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus, but sometimes he gets his Christmas list messed up, and lumps of coal are delivered rather than gifts. Such may be case with the much ballyhooed Unified Development Code (UDC) that was adopted by the city of Shreveport this spring and recently by the Parish Commission.
July 07 07:07 AM
A popular Louisiana governor died 15 years ago this month. John McKeithen was the first governor I ever met. When he was elected as chief executive in 1963, Louisiana was still a 19th century state struggling to operate in the 20th century. McKeithen was the catalyst that caused a major realignment of priorities.

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