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January 13 05:16 AM
Majority Leader McCarthy solicited input from the nation’s governors on possible alternatives to the Affordable Care Act. In the governor’s letter, he expresses his willingness to work with Congress to preserve what is working and fix what is broken with our nation’s health-care system.
January 06 05:15 AM
It will not be 100 years, according to Homeland Security Director Steve Prator, who detailed the issue to the Caddo Commission. Prator said that the flood threat is a real one, and that it will take less and less rainfall each year to cause the devastating flooding of last year in many areas of Shreveport and Bossier.
January 06 05:15 AM
“Jack Montoucet is a friend and a true Louisianan,” Edwards said. “As a businessman, he understands the complex nature of running an organization such as Wildlife and Fisheries, and as an alligator farmer in Acadiana, he shares my belief that nothing should get in the way of Louisiana remaining the Sportsman’s Paradise.
December 30 05:59 AM
Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I always do. A New Year always brings with it promise and uncertainty, but this coming year brings with it a greater foreboding than we have experienced in the past. The Chinese have a saying: "May you live in interesting times.
December 23 06:03 AM
Most of us have been swept up in the momentum of the holiday season. We have passed the Christmas milestone and are approaching New Year’s Day, the third in the trilogy of holidays that we celebrate during this time each year — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.
December 23 06:03 AM
Trump is an ardent supporter of the military. Barksdale Air Force Base is the most important “business” in northwest Louisiana on the basis of the number of “employees” — i.e., members of the United States Air Force and the civilian employees, as well as the very large number of retirees who are here because of the base.
December 23 06:03 AM
The real question is how in the world does the state not have enough money? Taxes are sky high after the largest tax increase in Louisiana's history. The state's not really paying for TOPS scholarships; parents are. And, in November, state revenue was up 27 percent over last year.
December 16 05:38 AM
Remember the old knock on presidential candidate John Kerry back in the 2004 presidential election? “I was for it before I was against it.” Today, about the single worst charge that can be made against any conservative Republican politician is that they support Obamacare.

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