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May 05 07:09 AM
I woke up earlier this week, followed my normal routine of walking the dogs, picking up the morning papers, pouring my large glass of orange juice half-filled with water to dilute the sugar, checked my emails, walked out on the patio to glance over the news … and then it dawned on me: I’ve turned 77.
April 28 06:53 AM
Don Siegelman was in his second term as Alabama governor, and by most accounts was doing a commendable job. But he was a Democrat in a predominantly Republican state. And that apparently rankled the likes of then- Bush political adviser Karl Rove and Alabama Republican-appointed prosecutors.
April 21 06:42 AM
From breakfast seminars to daytime lectures, then afternoon readings and evening tutorials, I was immersed in English literature. International politics and foreign intrigue were the furthest things from my mind — that was, until the Cuban missile crisis.
April 21 06:42 AM
Shreveport citizens have stepped up their complaints to elected officials over their perceptions that Shreveport is becoming a less and less safe community. Mayor Tyler and her administrations say that they have a “plan” that is coming together; however, the escalating shootings, homicides and burglaries tell a different story.
April 14 08:21 AM
There is a new book on a number of best selling lists about former President Richard Nixon by author John Farrell. Nixon became the first and only president to resign from office. Those of you too young to remember the events surrounding Watergate missed one of the most riveting episodes of American history.

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