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November 09 10:31 AM
If Tyler really has the best interest of Shreveport at heart, she would graciously throw in the towel now. Then she could ride out of city hall on a fancy steed, her head held high, accompanied by adoring choirs and loud trumpets and children throwing rose petals.
November 02 10:24 AM
Remember the 1970 song by Chicago; “Does anybody know what time it is, does anybody really care?” Well it’s close to Election Day in Louisiana, and it would seem by early voting projections and general lack of interest that Louisianans are not holding their breath to cast their ballot.
October 26 10:31 AM
It was a cool Tuesday evening, and I was leaving a reception for former congressman Billy Tauzin at the Old State capital in downtown Baton Rouge. Billy and I had fought many battles together when we both served in the Louisiana legislature back in the 1970s.
October 26 10:31 AM
The poll’s key question was “If an election were held today, would you want to see Ollie Tyler re-elected mayor, or would you prefer to that someone else be given the chance to do better?” The answers were 106 (35 percent) to re-elect Tyler, 137 (46 percent) to elect someone new, and 57 (19 percent) not sure.
October 19 09:55 AM
Special statewide elections in Louisiana are only a few weeks away. At the top of the ballot on Nov. 6 will be an office second in line to the governorship. A number of the candidates are harping on the same theme. Each wants to be the business development voice of the state.
October 19 09:55 AM
These forums allowed every voter in Shreveport to see the candidates, or almost all of them, answer live questions in a well-structured forum. The recorded forums are online with KTAL, KSLA and KTBS and can be viewed any time between now and the Nov. 6 primary.
October 12 10:21 AM
Many political “movers and shakers” attend the monthly meetings of the North Shreveport Business Association (NSBA). It’s common for the 100-plus tickets to the luncheon to sell out with a waiting list for cancellations. Such was the case for the mayoral forum on Tuesday, Oct 8.
October 12 10:21 AM
Here we go again with meddling federal judges. The 5 th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals came down hard on Louisiana charter schools last week. Charter schools, that by definition are independent with major input from parents, now will have to bargain with teachers’ unions.
October 05 09:33 AM
The Supreme Court of old was more majestic with few periods of confrontation. Just a decade ago, twothirds of Americans had great confidence in the Court. No more. There’s trouble brewing in those marble temple walls. Confidence in the workings of the court and the Justices themselves have dropped to a mere 50 percent approval rating.

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